America's insurance industry is the largest in the world, with a revenue of over $1 trillion annually, Market Realist reports.

However, the sector will only remain at the top of its game if it manages to meet the growing demands of customers. Specifically, this means access to customer service representatives at any time and in any location.

Only through unified communications (UC) can insurance businesses meet this demand. Here's why:

1) Answer calls from anywhere

UC streamlines all of a company's communications over the internet. This means that anyone can access their work station and business phone systems from anywhere.

Not only is this a key component of creating a modern workplace (80 percent of US companies now offer flexible work arrangements, according to WorldatWork), it also means that insurance companies can create 24-hour customer service platforms without inconveniencing their staff.

2) Reduce costs

Expense has always been a barrier to introducing round-the-clock, effective customer service. Operating multiple call centers - each one with a separate business phone system - means high maintenance costs, with each center requiring its own IT team and update schedule.

When insurance companies use UC, however, the whole organization's communications can be managed from one location. UC can also be scaled up as the business grows, meaning companies don't have to fork out huge amounts at the beginning in anticipation of expansion.

3) Increase accuracy

Many UC platforms, including NetFortris', can quickly identify who is calling as they ring. They will then automatically display a customers' policy information and other essential details on the screen, allowing for queries to be answered faster as there is no hold time while the representative attempts to find relevant information. This also allows for a more personal touch, as reps can use the customer's name from the get go.

4) Monitor productivity

UC platforms such as NetFortris' send real-time data on important metrics, such as call volumes, talk-times and missed calls, so that the productivity of each rep and call center can easily be monitored.

There is also an option to record communications, so managers can identify training opportunities in areas that reps may be falling behind on.

At NetFortris, we're proud to support America's flourishing insurance industry. Our unified communications solutions start at just $19.99 per user, per month, and include a desk phone, heads up display and unlimited calling plan, among other things!

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