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It's not just patients that have a chance of incurring a steep bill at the hospital.

Healthcare administrators that overlook the organization's cybersecurity strategy may end up facing a mountain of paperwork, fines and bad press. This year it's time to take a second look at operations in an effort to remain in line with HIPAA compliance in 2018.

Improving hospital network security

Hackers don't want credit cards; they want healthcare records. They're increasingly valuable on the dark web as they provide a host of information to those who get it, like social security numbers and past addresses. Unfortunately, this can cost medical institutions that suffer a data breach upwards of $355 per record. The figure accounts for legal fees and reparations, such as credit monitoring services.

The repercussions of a cyberbreach extend beyond financial damage as well. Reputations are a key driver of success in the healthcare industry, and if patients don't feel that their information is kept safeguarded then the practice could begin to lose business. Developing an effective cybersecurity strategy doesn't simply involve incorporating anti-virus software; hospitals must secure their network first.

Taking the right step

One vulnerability of healthcare records lies in their transmission. Institutions should be utilizing a multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network that is HIPAA compliant. This ensures that the data being carried from one endpoint to the next is as secure as possible.

The NetFortris MPLS solution fits the bills, allowing practices safe passage of information within a single office space, or between multiple complexes. Furthermore, the mobile option offers added protection in a world where smartphones are increasingly being used in a business setting.

Leveraging this type of secure network comes with additional benefits that healthcare institutions may not receive from providers without a foot in the industry. Aside from a modern firewall system, clients also gain access to intuitive network analytics.

The best defense is a good offense, and the NetFortris platform achieves this by constantly monitoring access and bandwidth consumption. This allows IT personnel to spot irregularities before they pop up, potentially saving the network from damage. Paired with a variety of other options to provide different layers of protection, hospital administrators can rest easy knowing valuable information is being protected. Contact a NetFortris representative today to learn more.