Part Two of our SD-WAN FAQs

Our team sat down with Steven Horgan, a director of product and our SD-WAN subject-matter expert here at NetFortris to answer key questions we're hearing from companies of various sizes and industries on the topic of SD-WAN.

Q. What are the immediate benefits the users can expect?

A. If a branch site has been experiencing poor connectivity issues, dropped calls and decreased application performance, a new SD-WAN overlay will immediately be able to remediate these issues by utilizing a series of protocols built into its fabric

For sites that traditionally use passive backup circuits, NetFortris Total Control WAN can redesign your network to take advantage of all links at the same time.  By aggregating circuits into one robust, resilient connection, these sites can sometimes double the bandwidth they are accustomed to, by using the same circuits they already had.

Q.  Do I need special training as a network administrator?

A.  NetFortris Total Control WAN is a fully managed service, giving you and your network administrators piece of mind when performing network management functions.  Users who want a specific level of access and control can receive their own credentials for accessing their network interface.  The Total Control WAN cloud management portal is simple navigate with a straightforward GUI, giving users powerful control while maintaining a simplistic approach.

Q. What is the primary difference in NetFortris’ SD-WAN solution?

A.  NetFortris Total Control WAN solution does more than just providing you cloud management for your network.  The NetFortris difference is in the dynamic path forwarding, aggregation and remediation of connected links, creating a resilient and robust connection.  Total Control WAN’s headend components in our datacenters monitor links for traffic brown and black outs, which can steer traffic between all available links, on even a packet-by-packet basis.  Whether its transactional or real-time traffic, Total Control WAN will correct traffic issues in real time, even without disrupting your VOIP or video conversations.

Total Control WAN is specifically built to interface our nationwide MPLS backbone.  So, whether you are 100% broadband, running a hybrid network, or utilizing NetFortris VOIP and cloud security solutions, Total Control WAN is purpose built to deliver these solutions efficiently.

Q.  What type of maintenance and upkeep does SD-WAN require?

A.  Much of the maintenance involves making changes to your company’s business profile.  This could include changing or adding traffic prioritization for applications, or changing the type of traffic that is allowed/disallowed through the device.

Because NetFortris Total Control WAN is a managed service, all the upkeep and maintenance is provided as part of the service.  If a unit needs attention, a NetFortris or other system administrator can access this remotely through the cloud management portal, and perform a series of troubleshooting steps to address it.

Q.  What does a company already need to have in place to qualify as a good candidate for SD-WAN?

A.  The primary piece a company must have would be connectivity that allows the site to get out to the internet.  NetFortris Total Control WAN is agnostic to all types of connectivity, including broadband, T1, fiber, EoC, and 3G/4G wireless cards.  If a company does not already have service to a branch location, NetFortris can help by providing a solution that fits your requirements.  Once connected, the SD-WAN service will automatically pull its assigned profile and provide all expected WAN functions.