Total Control WAN.pngIf you haven't given Software Defined Networking (SD-WAN) some serious thought by now, you're starting in the right place. The industry is seeing fast migration and adoption to cloud-based business services. With increased reliance on secure, cloud applications like VoIP, O365, Box, and Salesforce, SD-WAN technology provides alternative ways for enterprises to route cloud traffic efficiently.

More than ever CIOs, IT professionals and the like want full control over the network. Utilizing SD-WAN improves cloud applications performance, while preserving bandwidth for mission-critical applications such as voice. This is where NetFortris' upcoming "Total Control WAN" service shines.

In a nutshell, Total Control WAN allows you to take control of your entire network while gaining operational efficiency, lowering costs, maintaining QoS levels and simplifying your management processes. Who in their right mind doesn't have these on their wish list?


There are a number of ways that enterprises see SD-WAN as improving their network:

  • Simplifies network architecture – using any broadband and hybrid deployments
  • Enables better network management – intuitive cloud portal allows for easy, global policy changes, application prioritization and network analytics
  • Saves your organization money – see significant cost savings while multiplying your bandwidth
  • Simplified network deployment – consolidates network hardware and utilizes zero-touch provisioning for quick turn up time
  • Network resiliency – aggregates network links and provides automatic load balancing, application priority, and forward error correction. Protects business-critical applications such as voice with application prioritization policies (QoS)


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