SD-WAN A Game Changer Blog.pngLike previous game changing cloud technologies such as VoIP and UCaaS, SD-WAN was first adopted because of its cost-savings over traditional private networks.

Today the landscape has expanded, and so have perceptions amongst enterprise. There’s no question; SD-WAN is hot.

The SD-WAN market is expected to reach $6 billion in the year 2020, with 50% of enterprises moving to adopt SD-WAN at some or all of their branch sites in the next two years. Cost-savings is no longer the primary driver fueling this explosion. SD-WAN’s transformative value is pushing the envelope on the established WAN market, as enterprises can reduce the complexity of their WAN while gaining measurable benefits in control, cost, and function.

Through real-time capabilities such as centrally-managed network changes, network segmentation, auto-provisioning, analytics and bandwidth aggregation, IT and network managers are improving business results with SD-WAN. Big data is a buzzword these days.  However, we all know the measure of good data is not only in its breadth, but more importantly in a company’s ability to respond and counteract.

This is the true benefit of SD-WAN and goes way beyond cost-savings.


NetFortris recently announced the addition of an SD-WAN offering, Total Control WAN, to the list of services that enable businesses to operate securily, collaboratively, and efficiently.