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I read a great report this week and wanted to share with our partners and readers. At Fonality, we hear daily from businesses interested in the features and benefits of VoIP and unified communications. So what are small and medium sized businesses wanting from VoIP these complementary technologies these days?

According to the recent "VoIP Software Small Business BuyerView 2015" report by VoIP system review website Software Advice, adoption of VoIP is rising and demands for more scalable, flexible solutions. There’s a huge opportunity in the SMB market for VoIP.Business_Woman_Leaning_Backwards-78620080

If you’re an MSP or IT Consultant, here’s some great information on themy take on key findings from theis recent survey of several hundred SMBs. As you evaluate ways to improve your client’s business technology, VoIP has some big benefits for your customers. For the full report, click here.

  • Cloud system adoption is on the rise. Managing the hardware on site is something small businesses don’t often have time or staff resources for. The costs savings that come with cloud systems is also another attractive benefit.
  • Work is not a location. Users need the ability to be flexible and features like call forwarding and voicemail transcription keep employees connected when they’re away from the office. For example, Fonality HUD Mobile users enjoy the same features like employee status, chat, and conferencing from their mobile.
  • Most SMBs can take advantage of call center features. Routing calls to the right person quickly, call attendants, and queues help enhance customer experience. Features like call reporting which measures inbound and outbound call volumes and call monitoring helps managers evaluate employee performance.
  • Scalability is a huge factor for small businesses. As businesses plan for future growth, making changes like adding new employees or additional locations, are some of the top reasons for evaluating new VoIP service.
eBook-Making-the-Right-CallBusinesses with multiple locations often have dispersed phone systems which makes communicating challenging. Tying all of these employees together in one system where everyone can communicate as if they are in the office or cube next door takes collaboration to a new level.

SMBs gain this and many more benefits from adding VoIP and unified communications. Looking for more information as you consider making the move? Click the button below to download our "Communications 2.0: Making the Right Call on a New Business Phone System" eBook.

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