Posted by Team NetFortris

shutterstock_132159902Some businesses aren't for everyone. For instance, while we recognize that Cabela's is a great place for those hunting enthusiasts among us, it's not exactly where we'd choose to spend a Sunday afternoon. But sometimes we hear about companies whose business is so specific - whose clientele must be so particular - that we feel it needs to be broadcast to as many people as possible. That is to say, we're thoroughly impressed with the following enterprises - impressed that they ever managed to get off the ground, and, more astoundingly, that they've remained in business:

  • J&D's: Who likes bacon? I bet you do. What if your entire life was bacon? For the folks at J&D's, that is their reality - which is either terrifying or positively scrumptious, depending on how you look at it. This is a business that prides itself on being made, quite literally, of bacon. The company offers a diverse product line - including various foods, sunscreen, gift packs and even coffins - but make no mistakes about it, everything is bacon. Yes, even the coffins. So why would one company go to so much trouble to bacon-ate itself to the core? Quite simply, because people like bacon. As the founders themselves said in their "Story" section of the organization's website, "It all started with our dream to make everything taste like bacon." In this case, that's all they needed. 
  • Hire a Hunk: Alright, we kind of understand where the impetus for this Australian business arose from - after all, we did see "Magic Mike." But founding an entire company around the business of "spic[ing] up your party with ... topless waiters"? That would never work! Or would it ... Over at Hire a Hunk, the company's founders are likely laughing all the way to the bank as they dispatch their army of pec-popping waiters to, uh, service parties at the cool cost of $220 per man, per two-hour period. Perusing their site, we found a few of their staff we wouldn't mind inviting to our next party. Yes we're looking at you, Laria. Also, feel free to invite Ben and Korey while you're at it. 
  • Liquid Money: Unfortunately, this company's title quite literally represents what it does. Working off the supposed - and highly dubious - logic that people "bec[o]me more productive around the smell of money"  - the company offers colognes that feature money distilled into liquid form.

"They say people can see money from miles away, now it's time to smell it," says the product description for the "Her" version of the perfume. "To be successful, one must surround themselves with success. We made it easy for you. One spray and you will be covered in money. Liquid Money was created from a simple concept. The idea that anyone can be successful. Define your success by smelling like it." 

In crafting this admittedly one-of-a-kind product, the creators seemed to overlook one simple truth: Money smells really bad. Yet that doesn't seem to matter for the people shelling out $42.50 to buy a bottle of the not-so-sweet stuff. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

What these companies attest to is the truth behind that old idea that anything is possible. All it takes is some motivation, a little grease on the wheels and a solid unified communications. As far as that last thing goes, why don't you leave it to us here at Fonality and focus on other ways of growing your business.