Tips to promote your holiday scheduleAs the holiday season rolls around, it's not uncommon for schedules to change. Some businesses may close on certain days, others may extend holiday hours, and some may take their business on the road with them. Whatever the case may be for your business, there's one thing you should add to your prep list: notifying your customers. Here are some tips for keeping customers in the know this holiday – or any other.

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Update your outgoing voicemail or automated answer messages.

When a customer calls you, you should answer your phone. Of course, this might not always happen, or you may have an automated voice message to help callers get to the right people. In either scenario, updating your voice message with important changes to your schedule can help provide a better experience for callers. It may be as simple as recording a voicemail message notifying them about an office closure with information on when you'll be back.  

Fonality customers can easily take care of these messages with our holiday scheduler, recording specific messages and setting them up to play on specific days. Get step-by-step instructions here.

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Add an away message to your work email account.

Most email clients today make it simple to create an automatic away message that people will receive when they email your work address. This is a great place to notify customers that you may be slow to responding to emails or let them know who else to contact until you return.  

Update operating hours on your website.

Your website is one of the first places customers and prospects will visit to look for your operating hours, especially if you are a local business with a storefront. Make sure your hours are listed correctly with after-hour contact information included if necessary to avoid any customer confusion. 

Refresh your social media pages.

In addition to your website, adding new holiday schedules to your other profiles online — from your social media pages to your local listings — can help make sure that consumers find the right info no matter where they search online. Plus, these can be great opportunities for you to promote holiday posts on your social media pages, too. 

Most importantly, we hope you take some time off to celebrate and enjoy the holidays with family and friends.