Our hearts go out to our customers and friends who have been affected by recent natural disasters. Hurricanes and wild fires have waged a major toll on our country. As a business leader, the worries double because their livelihoods, their clients and their teams depend on the business remaining open, despite environmental conditions.

NetFortris offers customers easy solutions for quickly “keeping the lights on”, including remote work environments. These instructions can be found on our support page.

  • In addition to operational guidelines, below are a few things to remember when it’s almost impossible to “Keep calm and carry on”. Secure the safety and needs of your family and employees first. If you cannot operate until shelter and food are satisfied, tap into colleagues outside of the affected area that can help serve customers until you and your team are safe.
  • Your business and home are not the only ones affected, be mindful with messages at a time of great sensitivity. Turn the “me” into “we”. Focus on building goodwill, and strengthening customer trust.
  • In times of great need, people have exceptionally good memories. They remember those that help them, and they never forget those that try to take advantage of them.

In addition, we offer you a handy guide, whether you are currently affected or just want to flesh out your disaster recovery plan for your business. Download that here.