Business has changed in 2020. As our customer and leadership teams look back at the year, we are  deeply grateful for our customers' continued trust -- putting your communication needs in our hands. We will work together to move into the new year supporting all office environments.


Thank you for the year that was and thank you for the year that will be.


"I like knowing how networks work, how the internet works, how unified communications works, and helping others with their technology needs. I'm thankful you help me make a living doing something I love."

George Clemons, Manager of Inside Sales


"The best advertising and marketing you can have is a loyal customer, and I'm so thankful for the loyal customer base that supports us at NetFortris."

Tessley Smith, SVP of Sales

"In my role as Director of Customer Experience, I have the privilege of speaking with our amazing customers every day. I get to try and make their day a little better, and that's truly the part of the job I love the most."

Lee Mayhew, Senior Director of Customer Experience


"Thank you for trusting us to navigate the changing business landscape with you. It is incredibly humbling to know that our people and technology continue to thrive and develop with you, keeping the lines of communication open for all. It is truly an honor to partner with you and navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology together."

Daniel Miller, Chief Sales Officer

"Our customer relationships have strengthened and deepened through 2020. We continue to be grateful that you entrust your communication needs to us and we take this responsibility seriously and look forward to working together into the future."

Kevin Dickens, CEO