While I've always appreciated how technology helps me at home and at work, a recent experience really brought home how Fonality's communications software lets me work from almost anywhere. All it took was a massive two-day plumbing problem.


Our plumbing started backing up on Sunday. Our house is 50 years old, so clearing clogs is nothing new for this dedicated DIY'er. However, Murphy's law was in full effect. Probably because I had a business trip starting Monday afternoon.

I was definitely not going anywhere on Monday until I could take a shower. And did I mention I left my laptop at the office over the weekend? 

In the past, I would've had to burn at least half a vacation day or rely on basic smartphone capabilities like email and text. This time, I had Fonality's full suite of unified communications tools at my fingertips. I was able to keep connected and productive better than ever before. 

I opened our Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile app on my Android smartphone, which automatically routed calls from my office extension and chats from coworkers to my cell and gave me easy access to the company directory. I was also able to just point my browser on my home computer to HUD Web to access the desktop experience. The only difference from using HUD at my office was using the softphone option and the same earbuds with mic I use on my mobile instead of my Polycom IP 650 desk phone and Jabra PRO 920 Bluetooth headset.

It was like I was at my office...only grubbier. This meant my only downtime was while wielding tools or telling a "professional" plumber to take a hike. 

I finally conquered that stubborn clog about 1 pm Monday -- just in time to clean up, grab my laptop, and fly (at a safe speed) to the airport. While the situation was stressful, being able to work from anywhere meant I had one less worry!!!

If you are ready to have one less worry when you need to work away from the office, schedule a quick demo with one of our experts. 

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