Polycom Mitel MergerToday, Mitel and Polycom announced a merger that would keep the Mitel name, Canadian headquarters, and top executives. Obviously, for Polycom partners such as Fonality, this could cause some concern, especially given that the combined company intends to leverage its Polycom assets (which may include the VoIP handsets Fonality sells and supports) on the Mitel platform.

Here’s why I don’t care (much) — and you shouldn’t either.

  • Fonality supports lots of handsets.  A few years ago, we developed a relationship with Yealink, and continue to grow with their product line alongside Polycom.  It turns out that Yealink SIP phones have been pretty high quality despite their lower price, seeing less returns than Polycom according to our fulfillment stats.
  • Nothing’s going to change overnight. First, the Mitel Polycom merger has to be approved by regulators, and given the pressure on corporate inversions for US companies, this one might get extra scrutiny. Second, even if it does happen, it would be financially unwise to stop selling such a large quantity of handsets to Mitel’s competitors, such as Fonality, 8x8, and RingCentral. Third, even if the Mitel team does eventually decide to stop selling others its handsets, we will still continue to support those we've already sold or rented our customers. 
  • Handsets are a minor part of our product portfolio and user experience. Our customers know that desktop handsets are just one piece of the equation, a currently-convenient and comfortable way to speak to and hear someone. But we purposely don’t add tons of features to any phone handsets - we put all the richness of our unified communications offering in HUD, our Heads Up Display, rather than proprietary hardware. And because we offer THREE ways to make and receive calls for every single Fonality user (for no extra cost), customers are increasingly using our free soft phone on their computers or our free HUD Mobile application on Apple and Android mobile devices. 

So how does this affect current Fonality customers?
Not at all. 

Your Polycom phones will still continue to work and be supported, and you can still add new users with exactly the same phones for a very, very long time. And for prospective Fonality customers, rest assured that we will continue to support the best quality, higher performing, and easiest to use handsets from lots of manufacturers just like we do today.  

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