Posted by Team NetFortris

Hyper-growth is envied by every small- to medium-sized business, but sustaining it can be a more of a challenge than getting there in the first place.

Companies looking to expand operations in 2018 and beyond will need to consider the impact that success could have on their infrastructure. Scalable technologies like cloud-based Voice-over-IP (VoIP) are helping growing organizations overcome challenges unique to their situation.

What are you overlooking?

The key to sustaining growth is mitigating volatility and cutting out variables. Business phone systems are a crucial component of an effective sales and customer service team, but taking on more clients can strain resources. Physical infrastructures can be more susceptible to this than those on the cloud. A greater volume of calls could deteriorate sound quality and lead to dropped lines - both could damage reputation and revenue in the process.

While working with an on-site private branch exchange (PBX) server can be a viable solution, it can limit a company more than it helps. They're difficult to scale, require a considerable investment and monthly costs can vary due to maintenance needs.

Advantages of cloud-based VoIP

Sales and customer service teams are invaluable assets to companies looking to expand operations, and it's time that the tools they use reflect that. Foregoing conventional business phone systems for cloud-based VoIP offers growing organizations a variety of benefits:

  • Scales easily to accommodate more clients and employees.
  • Simple and static billing structure that's easy to account for financially.
  • Quick installation at new locations to get operations up and running.
  • Greater reliability due to maintenance being off-site and managed by vendor.
  • Ability to incorporate cloud-based features and applications into system.

Moving to a third-party service for VoIP rids executives of one aspect of day-to-day operations, allowing them to focus more on the future of the company and the bigger picture. Newer offerings also provide compatibility with unified communications platforms, which can help departments consolidate the number of programs they use on a daily basis to help create a more cohesive, integrated suite of tools at their disposal.

With many companies digitizing to support improved infrastructure, cloud-based VoIP is the logical next step as it doesn't come with the liabilities that legacy equipment does. Continue to maintain your elevated rate of growth in 2018 by contacting a NetFortris representative today.