The Zen of Zendesk Integration

NetFortris for Zendesk 

Customer Service is undisputed as the lifeblood of a successful business.  Second only to reliable communication, customer service can stimulate massive growth or, if not well-attended, can cause major revenue loss to a business. 

As NetFortris for Zendesk, our integration allows business growth without the growing pains.  See our integrations page for details on the connection to your NetFortris services. 

NetFortris for Zendesk Integration removes the anxiety from customer service in several key ways:

  • Improves communication and makes massive data understandable. 
  • Reduce friction for customers with speed and efficiency. 
  • Customizable reports deliver metrics that matter. 
  • Creates real ROI for customer service and moves this important function out of the “operating cost” category. 

Integration with NetFortris means all communication is seamless, documented and speedy. 

In today’s marketplace, customers demand more tailored service.  The bottom line demands more efficiency. Together, NetFortris and Zendesk alleviate the pains associated with communication and customer service with a turn-key integration and the most robust technology today. 

Contact us to inquire about how to improve your customer service process with our collaboration tools.