If you run a call center in your business today — or have call center-like functions  you’re probably facing similar challenges as other call centers. You have to do more with less, run the business by the numbers, and optimize for efficiency. You live your day by KPIs and spreadsheets, and your hardest job is finding and retaining great talent. 

Jeff_Valentine_Call_Center_-_Blog.pngThe good news is there's a lot of technology on the market to help make your job easier. There are CRM systems that don’t require million-dollar implementations, cloud-based phone systems that scale with you and make you more productive, and workforce management software systems to take some of the black magic out of the scheduling nightmare that larger call centers face. What could be better?

Well, I suppose it could be easier for you to onboard new call center agents — or to run your call center across multiple locations, whether they are separate offices or studded with work-at-home employees. This is exactly the market problem we have chosen to tackle at Fonality for call center managers. I’m proud to say we do it better than just about anyone.

Here’s how:

  • First, our call center features aren’t a separate system, unlike many of our competitors. While we do offer it as an upsell (it’s included in our Ultimate edition), it’s a small-price and – more importantly – it’s 100% native to the PBX. There's no separate ACD integration. Same interface, same users/groups/permissions, same user interface, same everything. This makes it significantly easier to use than bolt-on packages.

  • Next, our system includes easy-to-use Barge, Monitor, and Whisper functionality. You can use Monitor to listen in on a live conversation between an agent and a customer – without interupting. Whisper allows you to say something to the agent that only the agent can hear – the customer won’t hear a thing. And Barge, as you might expect, allows you to join into a call as a full participant. All three are just a single click away. (No need to waste 30 seconds per call like with those still making call center managers use star-key combos on their desk phones.) Take a look in the video below.

  • Regardless of physical location, Fonality systems include live dashboards for monitoring agents and queues in real time from any web browser. Remote offices or work-from-home agents — the same technology helps with both.


One more thing

There’s another interesting aspect to a product with a built-in call center suite – you can make any employee an agent.

Most call centers, casual or enterprise, have problems (or, at least, constraints) around busy hour staffing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automatically overflow calls to managers and others during peak periods? 

You could staff for the mean rather than the max, and use the money you saved to buy yourself a fancy phone system capable of all of this.

Ready to learn more?

Ask for a demo of Fonality call center features on our Contact Center page.