Posted by Tara Banda

Holiday-SchedulerWhether you're closed this Friday observing the Fourth of July or extending your hours to serve shoppers and dinners enjoying the long weekend, be sure to let customers know about changes to your business hours.

It takes just a few minutes to get the word out, saving prospects and customers the frustration of unanswered calls or showing up on your doorstep to find you've headed for the beach. Not to mention the chance to make additional sales for those open special hours.

Update your voicemail greeting

Recording a new outgoing message is a simple way to let people know your holiday hours. Just make sure to change it when you're back to your regular scheduled hours.

With a Fonality business phone systems, you can set up holiday voicemail greetings on your interactive voice response (IVR) in advance through your online Control Panel.  Fonality makes this easy with our Holiday Scheduler feature.

View our "Add a Holiday Scheduler" tutorial

Setting up a special IVR schedule isn't the only way to keep in contact with callers. You can create call queues that enable customers to reach you or others via mobile and read voicemail transcriptions to follow up with high-priority calls.


Get social

You probably have holidays scheduled into your social posting calendar, but what about notifications before the holiday letting fans, followers, and potential visitors know that you and your employees are going to be out of the office? Since social media is all about timeliness, customers may be more likely to visit your social pages for hour updates than other pages like your website or online listings.