We are almost twenty years into the 21 st century. This millennium has seen an exponential growth in technology and our daily reliance on its accessibility at our fingertips. Businesses must race to stay ahead of the technological waves to retain existing customers and secure new ones.

Unified Communications is essential. Convergence brings success.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Unified communications as a strategy has been around longer than you may think. It simply allows someone to send a message using one device, like a voicemail, to be received on another, often different device, like email. At its core, it is about communications integrated to optimize and increase productivity. Unified communications isn’t its own product, but rather a
combination of several products that create a unified user experience. There are some core products and technology needed to achieve UC, and it’s clear that the convergence of voice, video and data onto a single IP network is paramount.

Some of the communication technologies associated with UC include:

● Voice
● Instant messaging (chat)
● Video
● Conferencing (audio, web and video)
● Presence technology
● Speech access and personal assistant
● Collaboration tools
● File transfers
● IP Endpoints (VoIP phones, CTI and mobile apps, softphones)

What is important to note about the unified communications solutions offered by NetFortris is the strength of our networks, the extended capabilities our products provide, and the experience of our team dedicated to your company’s success.

Convergence, the cornerstone of innovation

When was the last time you saw someone carry a notepad, calculator, cellphone and laptop at the same time? Or wait until they got home to play a cd or dvd? After the first converged product hit the market and the term “smartphone” was coined, it didn’t take long for the nearly half the world to get one. According to a recent Pew Research Center estimate – nearly 5 billion
people own mobile phones and over half of those are smartphones*. Considering our current world-wide population is estimated at about 7.7 billion – that’s a lot of smart connections out there.

The ability to provide everything a customer might need at any given moment is the new reality in the business world, especially within unified communications.

These innovative solutions we’ve seen grow under the UC umbrella continue to pave the road to the future. VoIP phone systems revolutionize how businesses communicate with each other and their customers. The combination of convenience and an affordable price point make it the easy choice for more and more companies to adopt as their standard. Like a domino effect, this will lead to more switches from analog technologies to digital, such as video conferencing, electronic faxing, file sharing and more.
The more companies switch to digital and online services, the more their staff and customers rely on the technology and demand even more. It’s no longer enough for a company to provide only a few of these advances, they need to converge voice, data and video solutions on an easy- to-use platform to stay ahead of the competition and remain in the forefront of their industry. And they need to be able to do all of this within a budget that doesn’t impact revenue.

For instance, a service provider who provides communications data storage and a robust VoIP phone system through a channel partner understands the success convergence brings. Many of NetFortris’ top channel partners have retained and added new business by providing our VoIP and UC solutions to their customers.

Business focus over features

The service enhancements your UC features provide is more important than slick products. Your customers don’t need to know how an unanswered queue call transfer works in the Heads Up Display TM offered exclusively by NetFortris, they just need to have their call answered and not abandoned. If a customer wants to receive a fax, they don’t need the details about your
ability to provide it paperless, they just want their fax.

Customers want to know what you can do for them with the services you provide more than what technology does for you. Focus on the business advantages your relationship can encourage, and not the features of the service itself.

Social media is a good example. A successful marketing strategy is not based on the mere fact that you can post images, video and content in multiple platforms reaching thousands of people. A successful strategy focuses on the value those connections create to expand your sphere of influence. The more your followers value your content, the greater the opportunity to convert them into customers.

Stand up with UC to stand out

The unified communications market is cluttered with services that offer variations on similar technologies. For companies to consistently succeed, strategic implementation of unified communications is a necessity.  Convergence of the right technologies that keep the focus on
your service advantages, rather than tech features, makes you stand out in the UC crowd.

* Taylor, Kyle and Silver, Laura. “Smartphone Ownership Is Growing Rapidly Around the World, but Not Always Equally.” Pew Research Center, 5 February, 2019.