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Last week I had a chance to attend the ASCII Success Summit in Austin, Texas. I love a chance to get back to Central Texas where I grew up but mostly enjoyed meeting so many MSPs who are energetic and vested in learning how to grow their businesses.


I noticed a common theme in many of my conversations. As we demoed our unified communications software, Heads Up Display (HUD), it was pretty clear MSPs recognized the many advantages their clients could experience.

Features like chat, presence, voicemail to email, routing calls to cell phone, call statistics, and video collaboration stood out among some of the most popular. It’s clear business communications is changing, and customer expectations are also increasing. That got me thinking about sharing some of the latest trends in communications here for my MSP friends.

7 business communications trends

Fonality recently published an eBook highlighting some of these trends. Among these changes, seven stand out; and they impact everything from productivity to customer service.

1: Businesses need to be constantly and immediately available

2. Contact center functionality is increasingly expected.

3. Need to access work-related files and applications wherever we are.

4. Users increasingly prefer chat features to email for short conversations.

5. Voicemail seems old and slow.

6. Communications capabilities can be integrated rather than spread among disparate solutions.

7. Companies are benefiting from cloud-based business phone solutions.

To get the full eBook, download now.

What’s this mean for MSPs?

As your customer’s trusted business advisor, keeping up with their business needs is important. Using these evolving habits to create business advantages takes a willingness to learn and a technology provider that can make them real.

Fonality has built its business around helping growing businesses use their phone systems to become more competitive and successful. It has been developing UC systems for a decade with more than 30,000 clients and 300,000 end users around the world. We provide MSPs the choice and flexibility of deploying on-premise or hosted business phone services to meet the needs of your customers.

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