Save time. You choose what's important.

Experts estimate we read words in half the time it takes to listen to the spoken word. And, thanks to modern, cloud-hosted business phone solutions with unified communications (UC) software, voicemail transcription is here to help! The days of relying on blinking lights on a desk phone, passwords, and listening to voicemails are long gone.

Manage your messages more efficiently.

  • Clear the clutter. All it takes is a quick scan to decide who to call back first, which to play, and which ones to delete.
  • Go where the road takes you. Check and handle urgent voicemails without disrupting meetings or missing little Jimmy's school play.
  • Share and share alike. Getting a message into the right hands is as easy as forwarding an email.
  • Pass on password pain. Since only you see your voicemails, there's no password to remember or time wasted entering it.

We offer our customers four ways to manage voice messages:

1. The sound of silence. With our Voicemail Transcription, your messages arrive via email and on-screen in HUD. When you can read voicemails, noise level and location no longer matter.

2. Web wonders never cease.Our Heads Up Display -- affectionately known as HUD -- is a unified communications (UC) after all. Voicemail alerts, playback, and transcription are also part of HUD. With a single click you can call right back, leave a message, or forward to a colleague.

3. A smarter way to listen.Yep, our HUD Mobile smartphone app has all the top HD features built in, including voicemail. Of course, when you're running HUD Mobile while away from your desk, you'll miss fewer calls. So there will be fewer voicemails to clear.

4. Old School.Prefer the tactile approach of punching your PIN into your desk phone? No problem. That's the table stakes around these parts.