Not so long ago, we humans had to remember things like voicemail passwords and to watch for that annoying blinking light on our desk phones to know when to act. Better days have arrived!

Voice transcription has come a long way since the answering machine. Voicemail to email and Voicemail to text have arrived.
Voicemail Transcription

Modern, cloud-hosted business phone solutions with unified communications (UC) software offer so much more. Here at Fonality, we believe in empowering users to get the information they need to do their jobs in the manner they do them best.

That's why we offer our customers four -- yes, FOUR -- ways to get voicemail:

  1. Old School. Prefer the tactile approach of punching your PIN into your desk phone? No problem. That's table stakes around these parts.

  2. Web wonders never cease. Our Heads Up Display -- affectionately known as HUD -- has voicemail alerts and listening built right in. Play messages directly within your all-in-one, UC portal...and watch the little red light fade away on your desk phone without taking your hands off your mouse and keyboard.

  3. A smarter way to listen. Yep, our HUD Mobile smartphone app has all the top desktop features built in, including voicemail. Of course, when you're running HUD Mobile when away from your desk, you'll miss fewer calls to your office. So there will be fewer voicemails to clear.

  4. The sound of silence. With our voicemail transcription, voicemail-to-email, and voicemail-to-text, you can cut down your voicemail screening time exponentially. You'll also be empowered to return calls more quickly because you'll know when you have a message whenever and wherever you want.  

All of these are included in the Fonality Ultimate edition and available for others. 

Love the sound of never listening to another cold call sales pitch again or easily managing voicemails from anywhere? There's a lot more where this came from. Tour HUD to discover more benefits of moving your phone system to the cloud.