Why trust matters

Posted by Kyley Del Bosque

Trust_Issues_Feature1.pngWe build trust through transparency.

Let’s face it: it’s hard to know who to trust nowadays. And in the business world, hushed voices and contrived explanations are almost expected. Have you ever called a phone company to complain about an outage, only to get the distinct impression you're being lied to, or that your vendor is leaving out important details? We don't do that at Fonality. 

We take our responsibility as a business phone system provider very seriously, so we’ve made a conscious decision to be totally and utterly transparent with our customers. If we have a problem, we tell you about it, and we're so committed to being honest and taking responsibility that we publish our uptime and complete breakdown per type of service on a public website for everyone to see - our employees, our customers, and our competitors - shining a light on something that has traditionally been veiled in darkness. In fact, we make a concerted effort to inform our customers of all events in real time through Twitter, Facebook, and other monitored sites.

Having service disruptions is part of every service-based business, and we're proud of our track record on this, but instead of just hearing a sales person say, "we're great, hardly ever have outages," you can see for yourself and check our history, and sign up for real-time alerts. According to this study, inaccurate data can cause a huge collapse in customer trust. And given that we place a huge value on earning and maintaining our customers’ trust, we are committed to providing consistent and accurate data about the reliability of our business phone systems.

To learn more about Fonality’s reliable business phone systems, book a 1:1 demo. Not quite ready to talk one-on-one? Register for our upcoming webinar session, “A Closer Look” with a live Q&A via chat on October 13, 3:00pm EST.