Posted by Ali Rizvi

Tags: Phones & UC

Rory Thompson, an editor with our friends over at TMCnet's "The Conference Zone," recently wrote a great piece on why the popularity of video conferencing may be reviving interest in personal computers. Rory's right!

The heyday of public room videoconferencing and big bulky, exorbitantly-priced enterprise videoconferencing equipment is in the rear-view window.

However, killer desktop applications are just the start. True, more of our customers today choose their PC more than any other format to use unified communications (UC) through our HUDTM Web app. But that doesn't mean the other options aren't increasing in popularity and usage as well!

There's a whole generation known as "Mobile First," some of whom don't even have a PC or traditional internet service at home.Video-Collab-webcam-landing.jpg

Service providers like Fonality have to deliver services where current and future customers want them. That’s why we offer HUD Mobile app for smartphones. And why many access our Video Collaboration powered by Zoom to connect to conferences via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

It's also one of the reasons I'm so excited about what we have in store for 2016, starting with new product introductions like Zipwhip (SMS text messaging for your business phone number).

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