Working From Home Tips Working from home. For many folks, it's a great way to get tons of work done without all the office distractions (Yes, Becky, we get it. You like to scrapbook.*). But there are some drawbacks if you aren't prepped to do it right. 

A great Unified Communications setup, like our Heads Up DisplayTM, can minimize the hassle of playing phone tag or trying to get a reply from a team member about that last-minute project. Plus, with a cloud-based business phone system, you can be fully equipped to manage all customer and prospect calls while sitting on your back porch. 

What else can you do to be the most productive while working from home? The great people at Thrillist have some remote working productivity hacks you should check out now. 

*Only love to those who like to scrapbook. I'm just bitter that I'm not that crafty.

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