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Customer experience is the single most important factor in gaining a competitive edge for your business, surpassing your products – and even pricing.

Choosing the market-leading Salesforce CRM system to manage your customer accounts is a great first step. Now, you can make Salesforce work even better by integrating enterprise calling for a truly seamless customer experience.

Optimize & Personalize Your Customer Experience

Access these powerful features of our CommUnity unified communications platform from within Salesforce to personalize and optimize customer engagements.

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Personalize Interactions with Screen Pops

Match incoming and outgoing calls with customer records stored in Salesforce, triggering screen pops with account for personalized greetings and faster service.

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Boost Productivity with In-App Call Control

Access call controls right from the softphone. Hold, resume and transfer calls from within the Salesforce app – no more toggling from phone to CRM.

Salesforce CTI Page Call Notes Screenshot

Monitor Exchanges with Call Notes

Automatically record notes in the softphone for more accurate record-keeping, for later review and use in training customer service representatives.

Salesforce CTI Page Call Logs Screenshot

Increase Efficiency with Automated Call Logs

Automatically log incoming and outgoing calls from each interaction for viewing later in contact history.

Salesforce CTI Click to Dial Screenshot

Cut Time & Errors with Click to Call

Call a customer directly from the Salesforce application by simply clicking on their phone number, saving time and reducing misdials.

Availability & Compatibility

NetFortris CommUnity for Salesforce is compatible with Salesforce Lightning.

Users can download “NetFortris Community for Salesforce®” from the Salesforce AppExchange.
Salesforce Lighting integration for Community users is available at no cost

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