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Engage Your Virtual Team

Make Meetings More Meaningful

80% of communications comes from non-verbal visual cues. CommUnity HD Video Collaboration bridges the communications gap for distributed or mobile workforces who can’t meet in person. It’s an easy to-use and cost-effective solution for virtual and video meetings – whether your team is working from headquarters, hotel, or home.

Host Virtual Meetings in HD

HD Video Collaboration is an integral part of your CommUnity unified communications platform. It’s included with the Ultimate Plan and an affordable add-on to the Professional Plan. HD Video Collaboration enables you to host high-definition interactive video meetings, webinars, or virtual events as scheduled or on the fly through the CommUnity Desktop app.


Collaborate Anywhere

Collaborate Anywhere

Local offices and local talent are no longer required. Video collaboration makes teamwork possible anywhere.


Connect with One Click

Connect with One Click

Users and guests have access to on-demand private virtual conference rooms with a simple one-click link.


Expand Your Guest List

Expand Your Guest List

Easily handle meetings of all sizes — from one-on-one chats to virtual events with hundreds of attendees.


Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go

There’s no upfront investment required for video collaboration with our predictable flat-rate subscription-based pricing.

Video Collaboration Made Easy

CommUnity HD Video Collaboration delivers the most user-friendly virtual collaboration features available, such as:


Integrated Scheduling

Schedule and update virtual meetings through the Scheduling Wizard, which transfers easily to your calendar app.

Screen Share

Instant Screen Share

Collaborate on the fly with one-click HD screen sharing in CommUnity Mobile, your home for instant interactive meetings.

Meeting ID

Personal Meeting ID

Every user gets a unique meeting ID link that stays with them. Attendees join in via browser, app, or phone.

Video Recordings

Video Recordings

With one click, you can record your meetings in MP4 or M4A file formats. Download files from CommUnity Desktop.

Take Control of Virtual Meetings

Control the meeting space and conversation by:

  • Locking the Meeting
  • Muting Participants
  • Removing Participants
  • Putting Participants on Hold
  • Renaming Participants
  • Using non-verbal cues such as emojis
  • Annotation
  • Private Chat
  • Participant Video
  • Host Controls
  • Screen Sharing

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