Business Basic VoIP

Basic VoIP is the simplest and most cost effective cloud-based voice communications available. You get to offload the management and administration of a cloud VoIP solution and you get new VoIP phones and service with no up-front capital expenditures.

  • Save money by replacing expensive PTSN or POTS lines with SIP and VoIP
  • Preservation of cash with no up-front capital expenditure
  • Monthly predictable operating expenses, no surprises
  • One trusted partner with complete communications offering
  • Carrier-class reliability with guaranteed voice quality
  • Technology obsolescence protection with ongoing feature
  • On demand scalability to support business expansion
  • Easy adds, moves and changes


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Call Management

Manages incoming and outgoing calls via services like call transfer, call holding, call waiting, call pick-up, call recording, speed dialing and more.


Enables calls to be directed to an extension without a receptionist via an automated voice menu system; includes services like custom music and greetings.

Conference Calling

Enables simple conference calls with extension dialing, regardless of caller location.

Cost & Bandwidth-Saving Features

Tracks and reports basic call details; directs calls through least congested network.


Prevents unauthorized access to calls, voice mail, etc. through firewalls, encryption, device authentication, and other security measures.


Caller ID, call lists, blocked callers.


Netfortris offers a wide variety of high-quality VOIP phone choices to meet you business needs. Learn more about the devices we offer and how they can benefit your business.

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