Business Standard Voice

NetFortris Cloud PBX Standard is tailored and customized for your unique organization's needs.

  • Eliminate on-premise PBX and replace the costs of servers, software and IT management
  • Preservation of cash with no up-front capital expenditure
  • Monthly predictable operating expenses, no surprises
  • One trusted partner with complete upgrade path to meet future needs
  • Carrier-class reliability with guaranteed voice quality (QoS)
  • Technology obsolescence protection with ongoing feature
  • On demand scalability to support business expansion
  • Easy adds, moves and changes and user configuration via cloud-based portal


Business Standard PBX

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How it works

Most IP voice traffic is routed through the public Internet, introducing performance and security issues. The NetFortris Cloud PBX Enterprise solution is routed through its own carrier-grade private network, making it possible to fully control and prioritize voice traffic for the highest call quality, as well as voice network security.

Important features include:

  • Outlook Integration – Access your Command Center directly from your Microsoft Outlook with contact synchronization. And for ease of usability, you can click-to-dial directly from your Outlook Contacts.
  • Integration – Streamline employee productivity by calling directly from with click-to-dial function with screen pops.
  • Incoming caller ID will also trigger screen pop to enter notes for specific contacts.
  • Managed Security – Managed firewall can be configured to protect your internal network from unauthorized access so you can operate in a highly secure environment.
  • Mobile Integration — Maintain corporate presence from anywhere with one number identity, extension-to-extension dialing to/from mobile and one corporate voicemail.
  • Call Recording – A premier recording solution used to improve customer experience, monitor new employees for training purposes, or address legal issues, Call Recording is available as “always on” or “on demand”.
  • Managed Equipment – Maintenance and upgrades are provided on the Hosted VoIP to relieve your staff from troubleshooting equipment issues.
  • Managed Administration – Any adds, moves, and changes are included with the Hosted VoIP to eliminate the hassle of making programming changes to the system database.
  • Call Detailed Reporting – Increase productivity by capturing employee’s call history records with caller ID, caller date and time, duration, etc.


Netfortris offers a wide variety of high-quality VOIP phone choices to meet you business needs. Learn more about the devices we offer and how they can benefit your business.

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