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Welcome to CommUnity Version History

Comm-unity is our new UCaaS platform that integrates your communications into one solution that lets you achieve the ultimate Unity. Simplify the way you communicate — voice, video, messaging, collaboration, conferencing, meetings and call center — with one reliable and easy-to-use solution.



  • Desktop App – Invite User to Zoom
  • Desktop App – Remember Password
  • Desktop App – FMFM Enhancements
  • Desktop App – Support for Multi-User Chats in Pop-Out Windows
  • Desktop App – User Experience
    • Store window size & position at exit
    • Improved minimize/exit behavior
    • MSI Installation File
    • Installer File Name – Renamed
  • Admin Panel – Auto answer for queue calls
  • Admin Panel – Data Splits for Individual Call Types
  • Admin Panel – Queue Supervisor Role


  • Yealink T4U Models – T43U and T46U
  • Yealink T33G – Version #2
  • Yealink EXP43
  • Yealink W76P

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Paging is 1-way communication now
  • Bulk Upload- VM Time zone added
  • Reports delivered at scheduled time
  • OBi300 – ZTP Support

Past Versions:

· 1.14A = Ability to modify outbound caller ID from AP/myHUD. Created foundation for supporting native SMS in myHUD (Future release). Corrected session/inactive timeout in myHUD. Pop-out chat improvements: corrected window labeling to show username. Also fixed a bug that caused one pop-out window to replace another opened window. Added popout window icon to top of comm stream. Improved UX for Drag and drop transfer settings in myHUD. Added new myHUD alert settings. Fixed dropped calls during IVR ‘dial an extension’ prompt. Fixed issue that causes queue calls to show as ‘not answered’ when taken by a secondary device. Fixed issue that prevented admins from clicking ‘stop’ when recording an IVR voice prompt from AP. Fixed duplicate mobile device numbers in FMFM, when number is removed by the user. The myHUD UI no longer shifts up when completing a drag and drop call. Fixed setting that allows conference participants to join before moderator. Several other minor improvements.

· 1.13 = Pop-Out Chat Windows, Multi-User Chat – 10 User Limit, Drag & Drop Call Transfer – Warm, Cold, VM, Security & Compliance Settings – Remember Username, Session Timeout, Password Expiration, Answer Hardphone calls through Desktop App, Virtual Extensions, Blacklist for Inbound Calls by Caller ID, Call Waiting for Ring Group Members, Call Stealing for Group Extensions, Improved Conferencing Voice Prompts, Varied Extension Lengths

· 1.12 = Optimization Release

· 1.11 = One-click Call Voicemail Button, Indication in chat stream that other user is away, offline or in DND mode, Password Reset Improvements for Admins, DND Administration in Admin Panel, Web Launcher Profile Improvement Updates, Hot Desk Management Improvements

· 1.10 = @tag for Mentions, Reactions, Spell Check, Click-to-Dial (MAC), Do Not Disturb, Web Launcher Profiles, Call Duration added over Hover, Site Filter, Disable Chat and/or Fileshare, Call Me option for Voice Prompts, SLA Queue Reporting Metric, Sidecar Support for Device Line Management (DLM), Updated Password Requirements:8 or more characters with at least 1 uppercase letter, number and symbol

· 1.9 = myHUD: Drag & Drop Call Transfer, myHUD: Typing Indicator, Category Reports, Poly OBi302 – 2 port ATA

· 1.8 = Indicated Call Park on IP Phones, Queue Callback, Generic SIP device support, find me-follow up enhancements, and 911 calling notifications.

· 1.7 = OBI300 ATA, Call Forwarding to IP Phones, Global Extension visibility in AP, Global Extensions available for overflow, Device Line Management keycode support, Call Paths introduced

· 1.6 = Backend Release to prepare for new end-user apps coming in September!

· 1.5 = Device Line Management (Busy Lamp Field, Speed Dial), Voicemail-Only Extensions, Essential License for Kitchen/Lobby/Hallway (KLH) Devices, Ability to Restrict International Calling by User, Geo Route Calls (by Area Code) in IVR

· 1.4 = Paperless Fax

· 1.3 = Active Directory Sync, Link to Version History Page within Admin Panel

· 1.2 = Poly Trio 8500 Conference Phone, Office 365 Integration

o = Scheduled Reports, Ring Groups, Record Voice Prompts from within Admin Panel

· = Platform Release