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Every Business Needs a Phone System Fonality Offers More

"The Fonality solution allows us to take care of our customers better than ever before! We recommend Fonality to any of our FANS."

Carl Moodispaugh I IT Support Manager, Fanatics, Inc

Fonality has clients in almost every industry that you can think of, from basket ball teams to wine sellers. When businesses of any type need a reliable, easy to use phone system that won't break the bank, they turn to Fonality. 

Some of our customers have sophisticated IT departments and communications expertise, most don't.  We're happy to work with you either way.  If you want a hosted, turn-key solution that requires no more IT involvement than plugging in a few pieces of equipment, great.  If you prefer to host the solution yourself on equipment that you control and manage, that's fine too.

We don't try to put square pegs into round holes. We'll work with you, not at you, to determine if Fonality is a good fit.

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True Stories

Don't just take it from us.  Read a true story from a name you might recognize, the Philadelphia 76ers.

New Call-to-Action Big Benefits

Customer expectations have changed.  Today people want many ways to communication with you seamlessly and anytime.  Fonality is designed to help empower you to delight your clients and make the most out of every single interaction.  

Improve Communications: Connect and collaborate across your entire organization whether you’re in the office or on the go. Share ideas, computer screens and business intelligence to increase competitive advantage, inspire teamwork and grow your business.

Boost Productivity: Incorporate unified communications like instant messaging and group chat; transfer calls and voicemail messages fast using a company-wide click-to-call directory. Save time and handle calls more effectively with Presence, a feature that lets you see the current status of every person in the office.

Scalability: As your business grows, your phone system should grow with you. Fonality lets you add new users or new locations quickly, and connect your entire organization seamlessly to provide a unified front to your customers.

Work Anywhere: Fonality delivers the communication tools your team needs to do their jobs effectively, regardless of location. Never miss a customer call with advanced mobility features like Find Me/Follow Me, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer and Voicemail to Text Message, or join an audio conference at the office from your mobile phone.