Ecorse Public School System

Ecorse Public School System

Creating strong community connections

As a smaller educational facility, the Ecorse Public Schools needed a solution that allowed them to stay connected to their teachers and parents, but that was also affordable and reliable.

They had been previously been suffering with an existing NEC PBX that was difficult to manage and would occasionally fail to operate as they needed. For example, voice mail worked on an intermittent basis, making it difficult for teachers to stay in touch with students, parents, and other staff members.

In addition to standard phone features, the school was also searching for a phone system that would allow their faculty and staff to:

  • Reduce operating expenses
    As a small town with limited resources and budgets, finding a solution that gave them the tools they needed at an affordable price point per user was critical. They were also looking for a provider with reliable performance to limit the amount spent on repairs and downtime.
  • Simplify system management and administration
    Handling the work of multiple campuses required lots of effort and often resulted in games of phone tag and miss communication. Ecorse sought out a better way to manage call lists, call transfers and communication between schools.
  • Communicate from home as well as from the classroom
    For any faculty or staff of a public education system, the job doesn’t end once they get home. The education directors needed a simple way to stay connected to employees and teachers sought additional ways to contact each other and parents.

Solution: Hybrid-Hosted System

NetFortris' Hybrid-Hosted™ solution made system management a breeze for the Ecorse Public Schools. Using NetFortris’ web-based administration interface, IT staff now manages all aspects of the system, views call logs in real-time, and adds, removes or changes users or features quickly and easily. NetFortris’ desktop client, Heads Up Display™ (HUD), also made the system easy to use, merging phones, desktop, and educational applications into one, seamless interface. Plus, with our affordable packages and reliable service, the schools were able to reduce their monthly communication costs by 80 percent.


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