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Faina Insurance Agency, Inc.

Fonality Solutions Keep Your Focus on the Customer

Lisa Faina

“Integrating with our customer relationship management system, eAgent, has been the greatest benefit of our Fonality phone system,” says Lisa. “Agents don’t have to spend time tracking incoming or outgoing calls manually, because the call is immediately logged into our system the moment it occurs. This is a huge time saver for our office.” 

Lisa Faina has built one of the most recognized insurance agencies in the country by always keeping the focus on delivering the best customer service experience. With over 23 years in the insurance industry, she is recognized as a leader and trusted advisor.

Before Fonality

Before Fonality, Lisa relied on traditional telephone service from a local provider that lacked the advanced features and the latest communication technology to easily provide her clients with a superior customer service experience. Lisa was excited when she learned about all the features that were included in the Fonality solution that her old phone company didn’t provide. When she made the decision to switch, she knew she was making the right choice for her growing business needs. “Making the switch to Fonality was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made,” says Lisa. “Regular analog lines don’t offer any of the features I rely on today - I couldn’t imagine running my business without them now. The features help us improve customers’ experience and increase employee productivity.”

Easy Integration with CRM Systems

Tracking every customer interaction is critical to an insurance agency. Understanding the policy history, call history, and personal notes or preferences about the customer are key to providing an optimal customer experience. Companies make large investments in software to manage and track every customer interaction. Integrating our Fonality phone system and these tools is one of the largest benefits to this solution. “Integrating with our customer relationship management system, eAgent, has been the greatest benefit of our Fonality phone system,” says Lisa. “Agents don’t have to spend time tracking incoming or outgoing calls manually, because the call is immediately logged into our system the moment it occurs. This is a huge time saver for our office.”

First Impressions Are Everything

Additional benefits of the easy integration of Fonality and CRM systems include the pop-up screen display and easy click-to-call features. “Because the two systems are integrated, when a call comes into our office, a screen pops up instantly displaying the customer’s history, contact information, any special notes or issues about the customer,” says Lisa. “The ability to see a simple reminder note about how to pronounce a customer’s last name can go a long way to getting a conversation off to the right start. Before, we may not have had that information in time and customers get frustrated when they have to repeat their name multiple times. First impressions go so far in our interactions with customers and being prepared with the smallest details is so important.”

Building Customer Relationships

Building customer relationships is a focus of all successful insurance agencies. Remembering important details about your customer‘s life they only share with trusted friends and families can go a long way in building that relationship. “When a call comes in and we quickly can see a note pop up about the customer that mentions a recent birth of a baby or a special event in their life, we are sure to congratulate them,” says Lisa. “We care so much about our customers and we want that to show in every interaction we have with them – Fonality helps us make it easy to provide that personal touch.”

Enhance Customer and Internal Communications

Unique to Fonality, Heads Up Display (HUD) is a powerful business tool that connects your phones, desktop and important business applications into a single, unified, easy-to-use interface. Using the Call Routing feature or HUD chat helps agents provide a better customer service experience. These same tools can also improve your internal communications, helping you save time. “Some customers only want to deal with a certain agent,” says Lisa. “With an easy view of the HUD screen we can see the agent’s current status and send the call over to them with just a single mouse click or drag. We can also use HUD chat to notify the agent of the call if they’re on the phone or send the call directly to their voicemail if they prefer.” Using Fonality’s HUD chat takes communicating internally to a whole new level. “The instant messenger feature is invaluable to us,” says Lisa. “Gone are the days of having to get up and physically walk over to talk to someone or wait for them to respond to an email or a voicemail. I’ve been able to see us put lost time back into our days that can be used more productively because we’re able to communicate so much faster.”

Training Agents is Easier

Fonality gives managers the ability to listen to calls, record calls for training, and pull call reports to review employee productivity. “I use the call recording feature as a training tool to coach and provide feedback to help my agents improve their customer service skills,” says Lisa. “Training my employees was one of the biggest challenges that has become so much simpler using Fonality. I can also listen in on calls or chat with agents while they’re talking with a customer to provide guidance or assistance when they need it. Our ability to communicate so rapidly decreases the time we have to put customers on hold to find answers or escalate the call because we can’t resolve issues.”

Request a Demo Keeping Up With Technology

Customers have expectations of the service level they should experience every time they call their insurance agency. Fonality’s business phone service has the technology to help you make it easier to meet their needs and deliver an optimal experience. “We don’t feel like dinosaurs anymore,” says Lisa. “In today’s rapidly-changing technical environment, we’re ahead of the curve. We’re helping our customers in a much more efficient way than other companies, and seeing the benefits daily from our Fonality phone system.”

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