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Fort Lauderdale Insurance Services, Inc.

Insurance agency switches to Fonality to increase productivity and enhance customer service

Mike Burke, Fort Lauderdale Insurance

“Having the best communication tools in order to provide the highest level of service and sales is critical to running a successful insurance company,” says Mike Burke. As an owner and agent of one of the nation’s top-three insurance companies, Mike has gained recognition as a leader in the company. Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the agency services thousands of customers annually and focuses on Home and Auto policies.

Before switching to Fonality, Mike relied on another business VoIP provider who over promised and under delivered. After 3 months of service, the true test came with the unfortunate arrival of Hurricane Wilma. For one week the office had no power, phone service, and hundreds of customers were left trying to reach their trusted agents with no success. “We learned through this unfortunate situation, the service we were promised, was not living up to the sell. If our phones are not working and we can’t talk to customers – we can’t do business,” says Mike. Phone service is the life-line to doing business for insurance agencies.

Switching to Fonality creates big returns

Looking for a replacement phone system, Mike was introduced to Fonality by another agent in the company who had experienced tremendous success in increasing his business. He was blown away with the additional communication and reporting features offered in addition to the reliable voice service. Mike selected an on-premise business VoIP solution from Fonality.

Monitoring employee productivity

“I travel extensively and being out of the office makes it difficult for me to keep an eye on the productivity of my employees – before I had Fonality,” says Mike. “Sales and service are the pinnacles of an insurance agent’s business, but it’s easy for staff to shift focus when the boss is out of the office. The call reporting features allow me to review the number of inbound and outbound phone calls, length of calls, dropped or abandoned calls, how quickly calls were answered – all critical to understanding the productivity of my office. None of this was available on our old system.”

Training staff using real call data

“The beauty of Fonality is having a better understanding of the productivity of my staff, which allowed me to coach and train my staff using real data from the Fonality reports to support my discussions with them. The days of assumptions are behind us. I can look at the office as a whole or I can view an individual’s productivity easily. All of this can be done whether I am physically in the office or traveling. Our office went from a 6 percent average missed call rate in one month to below 1 percent average for over 6 months.” The recording feature also allows Mike to use customer calls to train and manage employees using real examples of customer issues.

Enhanced customer experience

Another important feature was the ability to integrate the Fonality phone system with eAgent, the customer information management system every agent uses in the office. Now, when a call comes in, the customer’s information is immediately displayed on the screen with their contact information, notes on customer’s policies, call history, as well as personal information about the caller that can be helpful in improving the customer experience. “That personal touch can go a long way in our conversation with a customer,” says Mike. “Being able to congratulate them on a new baby, ask about a recent family event, or know a little about them personally allows us to build a great relationship with our customers.”

Monitor lead response time

Leads are vital to an insurance agency, and following up on them as quickly as possible makes the all the difference in winning a customer or losing them. Customers depend on their agent to be responsive and provide them with outstanding customer service- this begins the moment they submit their request for more information. In eAgent there is an inbox where all agents can see when a new lead arrives. If a lead sits in the queue for more than a minute, there is a concern. “If I see that a lead is still sitting in the queue and no one has initiated a phone call to the prospective customer, I can see who is available, send them an instant message and request the lead is handled immediately,” says Mike.

Quickly communicate with colleagues

Fonality Heads Up Display or HUD application is also a favorite representatives use in the office to handle daily communication with one another. With this tool, each agent can easily see who is available, on a call, at lunch, as well as listen in or join the conversation if someone needs help assisting a customer. The “team” environment reaches a whole new level when using Fonality HUD. The application also extends to your mobile phone when using HUD mobile, so the same features can be utilized when you are away from the office.

New Call-to-Action Big solution for small businesses

Mike has experienced the real and very measurable benefits of Fonality’s phone solutions. When asked if he had any advice for other businesses thinking about switching to a VoIP phone system he said, “Fonality’s phone service has changed the way I do business and has made me more successful. If you’re a small business looking to take your productivity through the roof and provide a level of service your customers won’t forget, you definitely need to consider Fonality.”

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