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Koontz Mlynarczyk, LLC is a general practice law firm located in the heart of North Charleston. The attorneys at the Mlynarczyk Law Firm, LLC have over 30 years of legal experience ranging from million dollar litigation to small claims court. Although their attitude is laid back, they work seriously and diligently on behalf of their clients.

Challenge: Provide excellent client service with a small communications budget and limited IT support

When attorney Adam Mlynarczyk decided it was time to expand his firm and move from working out of his home to an office location, he knew that he wanted a modern phone system for his growing business.  “I knew that Internet-based solutions were available that could give me more control than I could get with just a traditional phone system,” said Mlynarczyk. “In this business, building trust with clients immediately is critical and most of our initial conversations happen over the phone, so choosing a professional sounding solution was critical for us.  I also needed something that could be deployed quickly, on a small budget and without extensive IT or telecommunications expertise.” Because the firm also handles criminal cases, only solutions that enabled responsiveness beyond business hours could be considered. 

Calling Fonality

After considering several vendors and achieving a growing understanding of VoIP telephony, Mr. Mlynarczyk decided that the Fonality solution was the perfect fit for his firm. “The space we were moving into was newly renovated, so I didn’t even have traditional telephone wires installed,” Mr. Mlynarczyk explained.  “The phones arrived on a Saturday before we even had furniture in the space.  I used my cell phone to chat with a Fonality support representative and had all the phones installed and working in under an hour with no IT help.” 

Koontz Mlynarczyk, LLC

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Solution: Advantages far beyond voice service


Mr. Mlynarczyk immediately recognized the advantages of Fonality’s call detail records in regards to client billing.  Now the time and duration of calls to and from each client are documented so that the attorneys can accurately bill for their time.  The records also come in handy if there are disputes about billing issues. 


The attorneys who handle criminal cases, in particular, need to be connected around the clock to handle urgent matters.  The Koontz Mlynarczyk team has customized their call routing so that calls to the business number after hours also ring mobile phones.  This enables them to stay in touch, without giving out their personal cell phone numbers or even letting the caller know they are speaking from a mobile device.  Even if a call is missed, the Fonality system transcribes the voicemail to text and sends it via email.  With a quick glance at the message the attorney can determine if immediate action is required.  As an added benefit, the messages can easily be stored for future reference and documentation.

Internal Collaboration

Fonality’s Heads Up Display collaboration application connects everyone in the office with easy to use chat and presence capabilities.  “If I get a call for my partner, I can immediately see if he is on the phone,” Mr. Mlynarczyk explained.  “If so, I can send him a note to let him know who is calling and see if he wants the caller to hold or call back. I’m able to manage my calls right from the Heads Up application and I almost never have to touch my phone.”  Although Mr. Mlynarczyk tries not to take his work home too much, he still appreciates being able to use the Heads Up Display on his laptop from anywhere.

“The phones are an integral part of our business. The Fonality solution has absolutely been right for us. We’ve seen unexpected benefits, and received excellent support.  Other attorneys are blown away when I tell them how affordable and easy to manage it has been for us. I consider Fonality a good call.”