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Overland Storage

Data protection firm finds a phone system as easy to use as the solutions they sell

Business VoIP customer – Overland Storage

San Diego-based Overland Storage provides storage solutions that take the complexity out of data management and protection.   

The company had decided it was time to find a solution that was less complex and costly than their existing Nortel/Shortel PBX systems, yet offered robust calling features that would enable them to:

  • Provide real-time presence information to employees in the office, at home, and on the road
  • Improve customer service and support by enhancing the capabilities of agents in their contact center
  • Measure the performance of agents and marketing campaigns through automatically generated performance reports
  • Make it easier for employees to stay in touch, from any location around the world

Overland Storage chose Fonality as their business VoIP solution.


Fonality with HUD (Heads Up Display™) made it easy for Overland Storage to give employees the capabilities they needed at a cost they could afford. The solution delivered:

  • A web-based control panel that made it easy to deploy, manage, and maintain the system
  • Cost savings of more than $14,000 per year in maintenance alone
  • Skills-based routing, instant messaging, click to SMS, call forwarding, and mobile integration that made it easier for employees to stay in touch
  • CRM integration, screen pops, and on-the-fly call recording to help improve customer service
  • Lead management, agent call, call history, and other reports to measure agent and marketing campaign effectiveness

Fonality helped Overland Storage find a business VoIP solution that was as easy to use as the storage systems they supply.

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