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The Michael Glick Agency

Enhancing Communications for Insurance Agencies


“Having visibility to important call metrics is vital. Since moving to Fonality, our missed call volumes have decreased tremendously, so we’re not leaving business on the table for competitors.”

The Michael Glick Agency, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Burlington, NC. The insurance agency is a leading producer in North Carolina and recognized by Nationwide Insurance for exceptional sales with achievement of 11 consecutive President's awards. The agency provides insurance, financial, and retirement products and prides itself in delivering world-class service to all its clients.

Communications Are Top Priority

As an insurance agency owner, the telephone is the lifeline to Michael Glick’s insurance agencies. “Upgrading to a Fonality phone solution was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business,” says Glick. Technology, social media, and marketing has changed the way we do business and understanding where to start making changes to stay competitive is overwhelming. “I began where I could make the biggest impact - our phone system,” says Glick. After receiving a recommendation from a colleague about Fonality and doing his research, Glick viewed a live demo of Fonality’s robust phone system and was immediately impressed with the enhanced capabilities and features.

Easy to Manage and Cost Savings

The Michael Glick Agency found a perfect fit for their company’s needs with a Fonality on-premise solution. Their new system combines a best-of-breed approach, with the control, reliability, and connectivity options of an on-premise business phone solution, combined with a fixed, per-user subscription payment model. “Not only did we have the security of knowing our system configurations were being backed up by Fonality, but the system was also so simple to use and administer via the web-based admin site- changes are reflected immediately,”,” says Shane Stadler, COO of the Michael Glick Agency. “We’re also saving on average $500 a month over our previous provider.”  

Ten Office Locations Operate Like One

“Our 10 offices communicate today like we’re in one office. Every agent is automatically logged in daily to our company-wide phone system directory and everyone can view the entire agency directory in real-time through our Heads Up Display,” adds Glick. With powerful communication tools like instant messaging, employee status, click-to-call or email, a Fonality phone solution provides access to instant collaboration. The agency is better able to handle increasing customer expectations and provide the highest level of customer service. Agents that work from home are also tied into the company-wide phone system seamlessly, which has reduced overhead costs.

Enormous Value to Customer Service

“You have no idea how much wasted time we’ve recovered because we don’t have to wait for returned emails or phone calls between our multiple offices. We’re communicating and collaborating quickly with the Fonality tools we have so we can solve customer issues in seconds today, which means we’re delivering exceptional customer service, which is critical to our success,” adds Glick. Forwarding calls to cell phones or home phones is simple with call forwarding and find me/follow me features.  Each agent is able to manage their business communications more effectively, which benefits the entire organization and ultimately the agency’s customers. “We’re handling the needs of our customers quickly through our improved communications and ultimately, increasing the value of our customer service,” adds Stadler. “During our time with Fonality, we’ve acquired two companies, and our phone system has been a selling point when talking to potential targets, ease of communications and integration with acquisitions is key.”

Improved Operations with Fonality Heads Up Display

As an agency owner, Glick has been especially pleased about Heads Up Display, which provides features like call reporting in real-time, call recording, monitoring, and the mobile applications so he’s never out of touch when he’s away from the office. “Having visibility to important call metrics is vital. Since moving to Fonality, our missed call volumes have decreased tremendously, so we’re not leaving business on the table for competitors.” Before Fonality, agents were inundated with billing-related calls which took away valuable selling time. Since Fonality, the agency has utilized their Auto Attendant feature and prioritized the option for billing questions so it’s now first on the menu for callers, and the agency has seen a 10% increase in additional time back in their day.

Monitor Agent Productivity More Effectively

New Call-to-Action With the insight into call metrics, the agency can set better targets for call volume performance of their agents. “For example, if we set call targets at 20 outbound calls per day per agent, we can now track how the agents are performing based on our call reports in our phone system, which allows us to better coach and train our agents if they are not meeting goals,” adds Stadler. Additional features like call monitor, barge, and whisper are also features the agency utilizes to evaluate customer service in real-time.   

“Don’t be intimidated by new technology, and do your research. Make sure you evaluate the providers closely. For me, Fonality was the way to go, and I think if you do your research, you’ll understand why,” says Glick. 

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