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United Spinal Association

Unified communications across multiple locations 

United Spinal AssociationNo organization is more committed to providing guidance to and support for people living with spinal cord injuries and disorders than United Spinal Association.  Founded in 1946, United Spinal has multiple offices, more than 45 chapters, and thousands of members across the United States. Communications are essential to coordinate the operation and serve the membership.

"It had become apparent that our expensive, aging Avaya system would no longer support the communications needs of our organization," said Edwin Lopez, help desk manager at United Spinal. 

Standardized communications improve call quality

Lopez said, "The Fonality solution is an evolutionary product that allowed us to standardize our telecommunications deployment across all locations, and realize impressive annual cost savings.” An immediate benefit was improved call quality. 

“Any phone company can provide phone calls, but the improved quality of our phone calls both internally and with our membership was a real game-changer,” he said.

Ready for a game changer?

We're standing by to discuss how a unified approach to communications might help you improve productivity and customer service. 

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“Our Employees Depend on Heads Up Display”

“With features like Click to Dial, Employee Presence, instant messaging, visual voicemail, conferencing, and call forwarding, the staff put behind them the days of worrying about keeping phone calls short to reduce costs and wasting time tracking down employees.” 

Lopez said, “The Heads Up Display (HUD) is a part of everyday life across our company. Similar to the way most people depend on email and the Internet, our employees depend on HUD – all day long. It’s like everyone has a personal assistant right at their fingertips.”

HUD boosts productivity, enables collaboration and helps employees work smarter, saving up to two hours a day. “Most of our staff doesn’t realize that there is an entire phone system behind the scenes,” Lopez said. “To them Fonality is HUD; and they can’t live without it.” 

Making the Move to the Cloud

United Spinal started out with a Fonality on-premise solution before making  the switch to a hosted PBX solution.

“It became apparent to us that the cloud is the future, and working with our IT consultant – Jim Greenfield at Computer Troubleshooters – we started to evaluate cloud providers,” said Lopez. “It was obvious that Fonality was still the best choice out there even in the hosted world, offering the best features and a huge cost savings. To a non-profit, that’s a huge advantage.”

Fonality Provides Security and Peace of Mind

Lopez said, “We’re a huge proponent of cloud solutions for SMBs, and have seen 95% of our customers make the move to hosted solutions for voice. United Spinal understands the virtues of IP telephony and saw the benefits of making the move. These include business continuity and the peace of mind that comes from hosting their system in Fonality’s secure data center with its redundant backup and 24/7 monitoring.”

Call Center Features Get Callers to the Right People

United Spinal has also experienced the benefits of Fonality’s contact center solutions. “We are incredibly impressed with the expansive menu options, unlimited queues, automatic call distribution, and call routing capabilities.”

New Call-to-Action The Bottom Line

“Our callers are getting to the right people quickly, improving the overall customer experience for our membership.”