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Mobile Heads Up Display for business

Heads Up Display™ Mobile (HUD)

With Fonality HUD mobile, take your office with you and never miss a beat with real-time presence, instant messaging, visual voicemail and more.

Fonality HUD mobile app

Fonality’s Mobile HUD allows you to take control and command of your business communications into the palm of your hand. We deliver access to the same telephony features you enjoy in our HUD desktop application on your smartphone, so you can experience a seamless transition from the office to the road. Mobile HUD is easy to use and painless to manage. It increases employee productivity and responsiveness, no matter where they roam.

To view the HUD Mobile Demo click here

Available for free with Fonality Professional or Fonality Ultimate, the HUD Mobile app can be downloaded directly from Google Play or the iTunes App Store. After the HUD Mobile App is enabled in your Fonality system and installed on your Android or Apple device, you will be able to log into HUD from anywhere and communicate as if you were still at the office.

Don't have HUD Mobile yet? Call your solutions expert to learn about adding it to your business communications, or to upgrade to Fonality Professional or Fonality Ultimate today!

Fonality HUD Mobile App for IOS

Fonality HUD Mobile App for Android


With HUD Mobile™ you can:Fonality HUD mobile 

  • Make and receive office calls using your extension and office caller ID
  • Use the device you love most - your own!
  • Have HUD always running in the background so you never miss a call or chat
  • Use one-touch voicemail to see who left a message, when, and how long the message is
  • Keep your mobile number private
  • Chat with secure instant messaging
  • Easily slip into conference bridges
  • Put calls on hold, transfer them to others, or to your own office phone
  • Coach staff with barge, monitor, or whisper
  • Be reached when you want - you control when you're available
  • Monitor contact center queue activity and participate in queues from anywhere

In today’s always-on, mobile, and distributed work culture, Fonality clients remain responsive, productive, and connected inside the office or out.