Paperless Fax

Paperless Fax

Less headaches, more productivity

Paperless Fax from NetFortrisNetFortris' Paperless Fax is another way your phone system can help you be even more productive. It brings faxing (and its headaches) out of the dark ages and into the modern world.

Paperless Fax eliminates the need for fax machine, paper, or a wired phone line. Sending and receiving faxes is as easy as emailing an attachment. That’s right!  Faxes can be sent or received wherever and whenever you can get email. 

Ready to ditch your traditional fax?

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Our customers love our paperless fax service. Here’s why: 

More Convienent - Add all the benefits of email to your faxes – view, print, archive, forward, and import attached faxes into other applications.


Eliminate Human and Machine Error - Gain worry-free, reliable service. Never lose an important incoming fax due to lost pages, mistaken document pickups, busy lines, or machine malfunction.


Fax on the Go - Faxes can be retrieved on the go, wherever and whenever, from your mobile device. If you have access to your email, you have access to faxes!


Control Cost - Eliminate costly fax machines, servers, boards, and software. Drastically reduce ink and paper usage. Access reports with details of fax activity, providing valuable analysis for cost allocation and expense.


Scales with Your Needs - Send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously – your fax line is never busy!



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Traditional Paper Fax vs. NetFortris Paperless Fax 1500