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Integrated Video Conferencing Tools

Video_Collaboration_TrioVideo collaboration and conferencing continues to become increasingly popular as mobile and remote work becomes the norm. Web based meetings are an integral part of modern work practices and video collaboration brings them to life. NetFortris' HD video collaboration and screen sharing solution lets you eliminate separate, expensive video conferencing and online meeting services. You can join from your computer, smartphone or tablet and collaborate with up to 50 participants from anywhere. NetFortris' video conferencing solution is integrated with our Heads Up Display™ collaboration dashboard, making it easier to keep connected.


The power of integrated 

No need to go to a separate video conferencing application.  Key features of video collaboration work right in HUD:

  • Schedule & Manage – HUD Web users can schedule and update upcoming video collaboration meetings in advance through the Scheduling Wizard.
  • Meeting Participants –  Video Collaboration can now support up to 100 video participants and up to 125 audio attendees.
  • Instant Screen Share – Users can click on a contact or group in HUD Web to immediately begin a screen-sharing session. Voila, instant meeting.
  • Personal Meeting ID – Never butt in on another meeting again. Every user gets a unique meeting ID to make scheduling even easier on the fly or in advance.
  • Meeting History – Can’t remember where you saved the recording of the new product training you led last week? Find it in HUD.

Why people love video collaboration

Super convenient
No need to book conference rooms. Start a virtual one and talk to each other as if you were in a physical room.

Hire and retain top talent wherever they live
Enabling collaboration without geographical boundaries, the opportunity is opened to hire and retain the best talent, no matter where they live.

Improve productivity for remote teams
When 80 percent of communications are mainly non-verbal visual cues, misunderstandings happen far more often when relying solely on the verbal or written exchange. Video collaboration brings the focus and clarity only visual cues make possible. This leads to more productive meetings and better communication.

Go green
By not contributing to the incredibly high rate of business air travel, customers reduce their carbon footprint and potentially overall energy use. 

Spend less on travel
Stop spending on expensive airfare and hotels and wasting valuable time in transit. Plan your next visit via video collaboration!


Sample of the Savings

Here’s how Video Collaboration can save your organization money :

NetFortris Video     Collaboration      Traditional Video Conferencing Services           Business Travel                      
$10/user/month $25 to $100
per user/per month
$990 per trip
US Average)
Monthly Savings
(by using NetFortris)
$15 to $90
per user/per month
(assumes 1 trip)
Annual Savings
(by using NetFortris)
$150 to $1,080
per user/per year




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