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Enterprises of all sizes trust NetFortris

Today’s enterprise requires flexibility and agility in its network and communications infrastructure—allowing it to grow rapidly without the constraints of hardware and circuit capacities. It needs secure cloud solutions for voice, data and unified communications, on any device, in any location.

With NetFortris as your business communications partner, that’s what you get.

NetFortris delivers customized enterprise-class solutions that integrate scalable cloud PBX and IP phone systems, public and private networking, Wi-Fi, sophisticated analytics, business applications and security.


NetFortris offers customizable security products, designed to protect your enterprise and simplify compliance with industry regulations.

Today’s enterprise deals with an ever-changing landscape of regulatory statutes, especially where data and information security is concerned. NetFortris eases this burden by building compliance into the core of its products. For example:

  • Our PCI-certified network delivers protection for your customers and your business to safeguard payment information.
  • If you need to comply with Dodd-Frank, or simply need to record, retrieve and analyze any customer interactions, our Live Monitoring and Voice Analytics work with the Cloud PBX and Call Center applications to let you do that.
  • Our secure private MPLS and wireless MPLS deliver voice, data, video and other applications that meet and exceed HIPAA requirements.



Multi-level protection, cloud-based backup and bi-directional failover ensure continuity for all your business transactions and customer interactions.

Our MPLS network is a secure, high-performance connectivity solution for businesses ranging from a single office to a network of hundreds of locations. The NetFortris MPLS is private and highly reliable, so your data is available whenever you need it, without being exposed to the public internet. And because NetFortris MPLS supports multiple protocols, it’s easy to manage your network for quality of service (QoS) across different classes of service.

Add our Mobile MPLS, dynamic failover and business continuity, plus a host of other carrier-grade network options, and we’ll bring you the cost-efficient, private network connectivity you need.



Our cloud security products protect your business with hosted firewalls, intrusion protection, application control, antivirus and content control.

From our secure private network to our state-of-the-art hosted firewalls, voice and data services, unified communications and Wi-Fi, NetFortris takes security seriously. Our hosted firewall offers a fundamental layer of protection for users accessing both corporate resources and the internet. NetFortris VPN extends secure connectivity to your mobile users. And our threat analysis engine monitors data from the firewall, antivirus, VPN, content filtering and traffic patterns to detect and thwart would-be attacks.

With the NetFortris private MPLS, firewall and zero-install VPN, no performance-degrading encryption is needed. And you still maintain compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.



Monitor the quality of customer interactions with our call monitoring and voice analytics solutions.

NetFortris Live Monitoring and Voice Analytics work with our Cloud PBX and Call Center applications. This allows call centers to monitor and optimize the quality of customer interactions, uncover training opportunities and deliver consistent call center service.

Our analytics also provide insights on network traffic patterns and behaviors, so administrators can optimize network resources and performance. And by monitoring network performance for voice, video, desktop sharing and more, you can ensure quality of service (QoS) for bandwidth-intensive applications like unified communications, streaming video and more.

By monitoring our entire MPLS network round the clock, our network QoS solution lets you optimize network resources for every data type and use case.


Enterprises like you solve their secure business communications needs with NetFortris. You can, too.

“We selected NetFortris as our partner to upgrade our voice and data networks. Now connecting our retail stores, our training camp, and our corporate headquarters and fulfillment office is a breeze.” -
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- MATTHEW PASCO, Sr. Director of IT, The Oakland Raiders

"As one of North America’s premier home builders, we are creating communities for families across the country. Families who are shopping for a new home come to our Welcome Home Centers and model homes. With NetFortris we are able to equip each new center with VoIP phones, a smarter voicemail and integrated mobile features --while helping us leverage investments. NetFortris gives us the flexibility we need to quickly open a new center or move centers efficiently and cost effectively."
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- Brian Leonard, Information Technology Manager

"Fonality has also shown their commitment to delivering exceptional service and we’ve been so impressed with the responsiveness and follow through - they are a truly reliable partner."
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- Larry Meli, VP of Fan Experience and Ticket Operations

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about NetFortris is partnership. We are a privately held large but-small company in Kentucky, with a great brand and a high presence. Our locations are high-volume convenience stores located in six states that need partners, not just a vendor.

- David Caudill, Thorntons

"I would not have been able to go into multiple states without a Fonality phone system. The system can scale seamlessly as the business expands, and the features have allowed my staff and I to be completely mobile. If I would have had Fonality when I first opened my business I’d be ten times bigger today. Whether you’re a single agency or multiple agencies, this system will take your business to the next level."

- Jay Adkins


For enterprises like yours, NetFortris has the pieces to put your business communications together, creating one seamless, secure and compliant solution.