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For more than a decade, we've delivered the best phone system for insurance agents. We understand you need to serve policyholders better, boost agent productivity, and keep costs under control.


Just for agencies!

Our new specials offer everything you need to improve how you communicate with policyholders and your agents— even desk phones and a router. Available now, and only for insurance agencies.

  • Starting at just $19.99 per user, per mo.*
  • Desk phones and router now included!
  • Free professionally recorded standard greeting
  • 1X audio conferencing bridge
  • Heads Up DisplayTM for web and mobile
  • Unlimited calling plan!

Add Call Center Agent, Video Collaboration, and Voicemail Transcription for everyone. 
Just $10 more!!! ($35 value)

* New installs and upgrades from pre-2015 on-premise systems only with annual billing. Monthly billing is just $24.99 per user, per mo.

5 reasons agents adore NetFortris

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy.pngCost Savings Fonality systems are built specifically to meet agent communication needs while saving your agency money compared to traditional phone service. Free phones, paperless fax line, and router don't hurt.

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy.pngImproved Policyholder Experience Advanced phone features like multiple auto attendants and on-demand call recording help agents communicate more efficiently between current and potential policyholders.
1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy.pngMonitor Agent Productivity Whether you have one or multiple agencies, your business growth depends on agents staying productive. Measuring important agent call metrics like call volumes, talk-time, and missed calls gives you the true data to make important business decisions.

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy.pngConnect with Other Tools - Integrate your phone system with other to quickly identify who is calling and have their customer data displayed on your screen to provide a more personal touch when answering the phone.
1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy.pngWork Anywhere Work is an activity, not a location. Your availability to meet the needs of your customers doesn’t stop when you’re away from the office. Forward calls to your cell phone, ring multiple phones in sequence, or have them all linked together to ensure you NEVER miss customer calls.

For insurance agencies, NetFortris has the pieces to put your business communications together, creating one seamless, secure and compliant solution.