eAgent Integration

Your Fonality system works with eAgent to quickly show you who's calling for a more personal touch when answering. Our integration is fully corporate compliant, too!

eAgent Web Launcher

Fonality Integrates with eAgent

By implementing the eAgent Web Launcher setting, any inbound or outbound calls on Fonality service will automatically pop into eAgent. This allows for automatic record matching based on telephone number. If the number does not match (i.e. a new number) eAgent can create a new record for the customer associated to that telephone number.

Here's how agents take advantage of our eAgent Integration

Check markAllstate agents must have eAgent integration with your phone system. We make that process simple and easy.

Check markEasy, one click to call ability from your Heads Up Display dashboard.

Check markGain the ability to see who's calling and address your callers by name with an immediate view of their account details

Check markIncrease agent productivity.

70 of the 100 top Allstate agents choose Fonality

  • Increased Agent Productivity - View real-time status of all your agents whether they’re in the office or on the road.
  • Improved Customer Service - No more keeping customers on hold while you search for their records.
  • Cut Costs, Not Features - Many advanced features come standard with our phone service so you reduce overhead costs and increase communication, collaboration and efficiency.

Our team has worked with Allstate agencies for more than a decade. Let us help you determine if we're a fit for yours.