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 Customer Facing Emails

Click the email name (green link) to download the text for that email. Download all email templates here.

New Lead Emails

First Contact Follow Up (Download)

You’ve called a new lead but were unable to reach him or her by phone. 

  • Introduces you as a personal point of contact
  • Highlights Fonality’s insurance expertise/starts building trust
  • Asks for a time to talk live

First Call Follow Up - We've Got a Live One! (Download)

You’ve completed your first call and are expecting a quick, positive next step (i.e. demo, proposal).

  • Advances the relationship by delivering on promises
  • Commits to timing  of next steps
  • Provides easy access to additional relevant info

First Call Follow Up – Not Interested

You’ve completed your first call. And the lead is not interested.
At all. (Wah, wah…).


  • Closes the loop on a positive note
  • Offers future help for folks with no near-term intent to purchase

First Call Follow Up – Maybe Later/Just Researching

You’ve completed your first call. Like your high school sweetheart, this lead just isn’t willing to commit.

  • Follows up with a helpful link
  • Reinforces positioning as an expert resource for those just getting up to speed
  • Sets expectations for when you’ll follow up, if appropriate

First Call Final Follow Up – Haven’t Heard from You

You’ve called and emailed but haven’t gotten a response.

  • Puts the ball in their court
  • Ensures they know you’re here to help when the time is right


The Proposal Process

Proposal – More Information

You need a few key facts to complete the proposal.                               

  • Asks for the needed information to complete the proposal

Proposal – Sending/Sent

You’ve just sent (or are about to send) the proposal.

  • Alerts your contact to watch for the separate proposal email
  • Gently asks for the sale
  • Schedules follow up

Proposal – Haven’t Heard

You’ve followed up on the proposal you sent weeks ago and are getting crickets.

  • Puts the ball in their court
  • Ensures they know you’re here to help when the time is right

 Proposal – Not Ready

Your prospect tells you they aren’t ready to move forward.

  • Confirms your conversation
  • Establish the next time they’ll hear from you,
    if appropriate


Win or Lose

Welcome to Fonality

Great job! You’ve won the business. Now what?               

  • Outlines next steps after the deal is signed
  • Hands off from sales to getting started

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Blog Posts

Find our latest insurance-related blog posts here (http://www.fonality.com/blog/topic/insurance). Feel free to include links to this section of the blog or to individual blog posts in emails.


General Resources

Go to the Collateral page for general Fonality resources like logos, PowerPoint templates and other eBooks.