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We know that as a business leader, you are facing an increasingly demanding world where you need to deliver growth, be more efficient, automated, transparent, and customer service oriented. While less constrained by technology, you continue to be constrained by budgets, existing investments, and user adoption.

NetFortris believes that communications tools that are unified with your systems of record and the applications that your user constituents live in can maximize your business impact.


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Customers and verticals are looking for a truly unified experience where we seamlessly blend the applications they live in with our UC tools and capabilities.


What can integrations do for you?

Revenue Uplift

Communication strategies are directly tied to obtaining business outcomes that are quantifiable. They drive higher levels of revenue and company profitability through winning, serving, and retaining customers and enabling the workforce to be more productive and aligned to customer strategies.


Employees in unintegrated environments spend significant amounts of time dialing their phones, switching between applications, not getting contextual information when they need it, not saving their interaction data where it matters most, making simple contact errors, and on and on.


Customers appreciate when you provide personalized experiences. One important factor in delivering great customer service is arming your agents and sales representatives with timely information about the customer or lead calling in.


The process of entering call records into the system is automated. This frees up your team to work with prospects or customers and improves the accuracy of reports and analyses.


The combination of your applications and data from the phone system gives management a view of critical business metrics.


Once the phone system and your business applications are linked, CRM adoption increases company wide because common communication processes are now blended into business actions.


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Learn more about integration nirvana. We believe that you are looking for a truly unified experience where the barrier between business communications and business applications are eliminated.