Network, QoS, Voice Recording and Analytics Deep Insights to Optimize Your Business


Optimizing performance, service delivery and customer interaction

NetFortris Analytics deliver deep, actionable insights into your communications solution and your operations.

  • Network monitoring delivers in-depth visibility into your LAN and WAN networks, allowing you to optimize performance and uptime
  • Quality of Service (QoS) ensures all your communications—voice, video, collaboration and more—meet your standards and user expectations
  • Call recording works with our voice and contact center solutions to deliver consistent service while maintaining corporate standards and regulatory compliance

LiveWatch is a comprehensive solution designed to proactively monitor your network and reduce costly, unnecessary downtime of your critical applications and network devices.

NetFortris LiveWatch Monitoring & Analytics delivers in-depth visibility into your LAN and WAN networks, devices and applications, identifying and notifying you of potential problems before they become real issues affecting your business.

LiveWatch captures and analyzes data to reveal traffic sources, network utilization, latency, peak usage and capacity. These valuable insights on traffic patterns, behavior and performance allow administrators to quickly address changing bandwidth requirements, thus optimizing network resources and avoiding downtime.


NetFortris Quality of Service (QoS) ensures bandwidth-intensive applications like unified communications and streaming video meet your user expectations and corporate standards.

At the heart of our QoS management are our network monitoring and analytics, spanning both wired and wireless networks, as well as cloud and on-premise resources. With continuous monitoring of data, voice and video traffic, NetFortris QoS can measure quality of service based on a variety of metrics across different traffic and data types.

Based on these measurements, our Network Operations Center staff—or your own network admins—can easily tune performance with a host of customizable QoS parameters. This lets you optimize current and future delivery of voice, buffered and live video streaming, desktop sharing, video and audio chat and much more.


Call Recording

In addition to simplified recording and playback, powerful reporting helps analyze the underlying reasons for customer calls beyond the single call disposition recorded in most CRM applications.

Analytics for call recording lets you optimize future customer interactions, uncover training opportunities and deliver consistent call center service. It also helps you comply with legal and regulatory policies, protect against legal disputes, and maintain company business practices and standards.


NetFortris reveals insights that let you best optimize your business