Call Recording

Using NetFortris Call Recording, business calls can be easily and accurately recorded, on-demand or constantly through “always-on” functionality. Recorded calls can be played back through our easy-to-use web interface and offers single or multi-site support, a reliable and scalable architecture, secure data access, and advanced search capabilities.
  • Simple deployment and intuitive use
  • Ensure high quality customer experience
  • Improve and provide consistent employee training
  • Comply with legal and regulatory policies
  • Protection against legal disputes
  • Maintain company business practices and standards
  • Advanced security – The call recording applications offers a secure web interface, advanced user authentication and multi-level access and control.


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How it works.

The NetFortris Call Recording solution is seamlessly integrated with the NetFortris voice and contact center solutions, ensuring simple deployment, management from a single pane of glass, and cost efficiency.
  • Configurable recording modes – Calls can be recorded with two options: “always-on” or “on-demand” based on preference or business policy
  • Full, simple user control – Users can start and stop call recording, tag calls with comments, flag calls, and record last ended call. 
  • Replay options provide flexibility – Users can play back, email call recording, download and store, search, flag calls as important, tag call with comments, add time-frame markers with notes, and run reports on recorded calls
  • Supervisor Capabilities — Managers or supervisors have the ability to search and play-back recorded calls
  • Flexible recording management – Recorded calls may be stored for up to twelve months, downloaded, or may be scheduled for automatic deletion.