Voice and Video QoS

Bandwidth intensive applications such as Unified Communications or streaming video require optimal network performance. NetFortris Quality of Service (QoS) ensures applications, IP Voice and streaming video meets user expectations and corporate standards.


NetFortris uses standard QoS class identifiers to establish QoS parameters for each data type on the NetFortris network including real-time voice, video, desktop sharing, or data such as email, chat, or application traffic. Network performance is constantly monitored and optimized to ensure seamless, error-free communications experiences by users, regardless of the application or connection type they utilize.

Deep network analytics monitor network speed and throughput for optimal performance of voice, video and data traffic. Our QoS analytics are easily accessible via our Cloud Solutions Platform (CSP), and are part of our comprehensive service delivery and assurance portfolio, which spans wired and wireless network and systems performance, application performance, and cloud resources performance and status.

How it works.

  • NetFortris monitors its entire network 24/7/365 and optimizes for overall network performance.
  • Our built-in network QoS solution optimizes network resources based on traffic type (data, voice, video), traffic volume and business policy.
  • NetFortris measures quality of service across several related aspects of the network such as error rate, bandwidth utilized, throughput, transmission delay, availability, jitter, packet loss, etc.
  • Parameters for each area of QoS are customizable, and can be completely controlled by NetFortris Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel or network administrators.
  • Standard QoS parameters are set for conversational voice, conversational video or desktop sharing, non-conversational video (streaming), IMS signalling, TCP-based buffered streaming video such as web, email, chat, FTP, p2p, or even live streaming of voice and video.