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In our connected, cloud world, Internet access is a must-have for all businesses, but at NetFortris we understand it’s not one size fits all. We build a customized solution to provide the best connectivity, security and reliability options for your organization’s size, application and budget.

Deployments for Every Environment

One site, 100 sites, remote workers or branch locations? Whatever your footprint, Managed Internet by NetFortris can be deployed to meet your needs.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

For cost-effective connectivity at branch locations, trust NetFortris to find the best local access for your business. Direct Internet links can be provided in a variety of sizes and technologies, including wireless.

Carrier-Grade MPLS Wide Area Network

NetFortris’ MPLS reduces total cost of ownership by consolidating voice, video and data traffic onto a single, highly secure network. Plus, we continuously monitor the health of network circuits and devices.

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

SD-WAN by NetFortris is a fully managed network solution that aggregates and optimizes all bandwidth resources, regardless of access type and size, giving you uncompromised security, privacy and control.

Total Control VPN

Our Total Control VPN reduces system complexity and provides a secure and cost-effective private network solution for IT departments to meet the increasing demands for secure access without increasing their budgets.

Connections for Every Application

Managed Internet by NetFortris offers critical connectivity to suit your application, use case and budget. Plus, we can mix and match access types to meet varying needs by location.

Managed Internet Access Types

Circuit Configurations

Managed Internet by NetFortris offers deployment of multiple circuits at your branch locations to achieve 100% uptime for your network connection with robust failover.



Ethernet over Copper


Wireless 4G LTE

Circuit COnfigurations

NetFortris SD-WAN Management


Managed traffic runs over two circuits simultaneously. If one goes down, all traffic will be sent over the remaining circuit.



All managed traffic runs over a primary circuit. A secondary circuit is ready in case you experience a loss in service.


Need more information on Managed Internet by NetFortris? Check out these resources to learn more.

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We not only set up your connection, but our network specialists also manage
and maintain it, so it just works, and you can focus on your business.

✔ Up/Down Circuit
    Monitoring & Alerting

✔  24/7/365 Support
     & Maintenance

✔  QoS Configuration &
     Application Handling

✔  Zero-Touch

✔  Metered & Unlimited
     Data Plans

✔  Unified Billing
     Across Locations

BENEFITS OF Network Backup Solutions

Network backup can provide vital safeguards and peace of mind for companies who rely on connectivity to run their operations. Managed Internet by NetFortris can provide various levels of backup with many different configurations to meet the needs of every business.

Minimize/Eliminate Downtime


Save Money from Costly Overtime

Save Money from
Costly Downtime

Automated Failover


Multiple Technologies Available



SD-WAN by NetFortris

For customers who want the most amount of flexibility and control, use SD-WAN to dynamically failover and protect business critical traffic, plus:

✔  Route traffic over multiple
     access types simultaneously

✔  Forward error correction to
     mitigate degraded link issues

✔  Deep packet inspection to route
     specific application traffic

✔  Packet-level failover supports real-
     time traffic such as VoIP and video

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