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NetFortris' MPLS reduces total cost of ownership by consolidating voice, video and data traffic onto a single, highly secure network. Mission-critical application traffic is prioritized and bandwidth can be easily optimized for best performance.

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Carrier-Grade MPLS

NetFortris' MPLS is a highly reliable, privately owned network for mission critical business connectivity. As a regulated carrier, the NetFortris MPLS network provides iron-clad connectivity, security and performance. The NetFortris MPLS network offers 10g capacity, is burstable, fault-tolerant and managed by our internal network operations center (NOC) 24/7/365.

The NetFortris MPLS network replaces legacy ATM and Frame Relay services that are traditionally associated with high costs and restrictions. Built for business, our network is able to securely and dynamically manage large simultaneous volumes of voice, video and data traffic through multi-protocol capabilities.

How it works.

  • Privately owned and operated by NetFortris
  • Carrier-grade, regulated CLEC
  • Fully redundant, automatic failover ensures connectivity and performance
  • Packet prioritization ensures that voice and video are clear regardless of competing network traffic.
  • Secure. Compliant with PCI, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank and other regulations for data transfer.
  • 99.999% SLA
  • Efficient, cost effective, managed and delivered as a service

T1 and Bonded T1 Service

NetFortris T1 and Bonded T1 solutions provide 3 to 13 Mbps of throughput capacity with automatic failover, load balancing and simple, integrated administration. NetFortris T1 solutions provide absolute reliability for essential connectivity.

How It Works.

Our T1 service provides enterprise-class access for converged voice and data traffic in increments of 1.5Mbps. For more capacity, NetFortris Bonded T1 combines two or more T1 lines together for 3 to 12 Mbps of total throughput with automatic failover.

Our T1 solutions employ multi-link, point-to-point protocol. Thereby, if a component within one T1 should fail, traffic is automatically routed over the remaining T1 lines. Bonded T1 service from NetFortris balances data traffic using a single Ethernet port. Additionally a single set of IP addresses, rather than multiple blocks, makes our system simpler to administer. Balanced, bonded T1s ensure that traffic is shared and that no one T1 line is overtaxed. NetFortris T1s and Bonded T1s include standard SLAs of 99.999% network availability and reliability.

DSL | Broadband

DSL | Broadband from NetFortris is ideal for applications such as large file transfer, webinar and video conferencing or transaction processing such as credit card authorizations. It’s also appropriate for some small, remote branch location connectivity.

The NetFortris multi-customer buying power gives you access to the best DSL rates available in your area. Integration with the NetFortris network for deployment, management and maintenance means you can focus on your business while we make sure DSL is available to support your needs.

How It Works.

DSL from NetFortris is seamlessly integrated with other connectivity solutions, for a single, predictable service, easy to manage service. NetFortris offers both symnetric DSL and symmetric high-bitrate DSL options.

  • NetFortris provides best possible rates with DSL providers across the U.S. Bulk licensing ensures you receive the most economical package to meet your needs.
  • Symmetric DSL (SDSL) provides the same download and upload speeds. SDSL from NetFortris is available in a several data throughput speeds and price points.
  • Symmetric high-bitrate DSL (SHDSL) provides high-speed access to the Internet over a single or multiple bonded line. Our SHDSL loops are boded by utilizing inverse multiplexing by equipment that is owned and managed by NetFortris in our datacenters, located nationwide.


Your need for reliable network bandwidth is growing. Your organization relies on applications that help them stay connected and productive. Bandwidth-intensive applications are part of your IT infrastructure—and will continue to grow. Applications such as Unified Communications, IP PBX or VoIP services, video calling, video conferencing or desktop sharing all require sufficient bandwidth.

Many buildings don’t have access to a direct fiber connection. NetFortris solves this “last mile” problem with four different high-speed broadband products that connect to our high-speed fiber network.

How It Works.

NetFortris offers Ethernet over Copper (EoC), Ethernet over fixed wireless, Ethernet over Time-division multiplexing (TDM) and direct fiber.

  • Ethernet over copper is delivered over copper loop and offers 1.0 – 200 Mbps. EoC must connect within 17000 feet of an Ethernet equipped local serving facility.
  • Ethernet over fixed wireless is delivered over the air, and delivers 1.0 – 100 Mbps. It must be located within 6 miles of a wireless base station.
  • Ethernet over TDM is delivered over DS1/or DS3 and can deliver 1.0 – 135Mbps with no restrictions or local connectivity.
  • Ethernet over fiber must can deliver up to 10Gbps, but the building must have a direct fiber connection from NetFortris or another contracted carrier.
NetFortris solution engineers will help you design the most cost effective, reliable Ethernet connectivity possible for your enterprise.


Wireless access to the Internet and secure network resources is an essential component to any enterprise communications network. Yet it must be secure, compliant and flexible. Our secure Multi-Purpose Wi-Fi solution opens the doors to rich functionality like wireless POS, integrated mobile payments or couponing, loyalty programs and even specialized wireless applications such as wireless inventory, secure document sharing or mobile Unified Communications.

Business is mobile. NetFortris wireless solutions ensure your employees can access essential business applications securely from mobile devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets. Secure guest wireless gives Internet access to visitors, and allows you to engage visitors in new, creative ways.

How It Works.

  • NetFortris Multi-Purpose Wi-Fi provides one-click guest access to the Internet, with a customizable splash page.
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi gives authorized users secure, PCI compliant wireless access to corporate data and resources without using a VPN client or software.
  • Wireless network access is managed and controlled via the integrated NetFortris Cloud Services Platform (CSP).
  • NetFortris Multi-Purpose Wi-Fi also offers comprehensive analytics so administrators can manage usage, bandwidth consumption and application prioritization for optimal wireless performance.
  • Ethernet over fixed wireless is delivered over the air, and delivers 1.0 – 100 Mbps.

NetFortris provides flexible, scalable, cloud-based voice and data communications customized with the exact security and compliance your business needs.