Secure MPLS

NetFortris MPLS is a highly reliable private network for mission critical business connectivity. It’s designed to enable enterprises to focus on their core business while secure connectivity is managed by our networking experts. Our high-performance MPLS reduces total cost of ownership by consolidating voice, video and data onto a single, highly secure network. Mission critical application traffic is prioritized and bandwidth can be easily optimized for best performance.

MPLS Feature Sheet

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How it works.

Through its “multiprotocol” capabilities, MPLS makes it easy to manage a network for quality of service (QOS), and supports different types of class of service.

We deliver this service through the NetFortris private MPLS backbone to connect and transfer data between enterprise locations. NetFortris’s network is private and never touches the public Internet. Thus, unwanted outside threats are eliminated. Additionally, all packets, whether voice, video or data, can be prioritized for QOS and improved network efficiency.

NetFortris custom designs your network to fit your business needs.

NetFortris MPLS provides flexibility for business recovery through its any-to-any configuration delivery. Customer key sites can be connected in multiple redundant ways. Data can be backed- up in other sites as a disaster recovery plan and the network will automatically fail-over to connect to the backup site in the event of an emergency.

Mobile MPLS

Mobile devices are now standard in the workforce, but protecting them and giving them access to proprietary corporate resources is challenging. Especially since many users prefer to use their own mobile device as their primary phone. Traditionally, when a mobile device is being used for business purpose, the user would have to go through the public internet, then VPN connection to gain access to the corporate network. With NetFortris Mobile MPLS, users the Sprint 3G/4G networks are able to access private network resources through their mobile device, without accessing the network through a VPN connection. Using Sprint’s Secure MPLS network and business policies set by the company, access requests are authenticated and are only then is the user’s mobile device given access. Finally, since the user is accessing corporate resources through a secure MPLS network the highest network security protocols are observed.

How it works.

The solution supports mobile Sprint devices such as mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops and mobile hot spots.

  • Privately owned and operated by NetFortris
  • Extends protection to corporate-based mobile devices from viruses
  • Blocks specific applications that are deemed harmful
  • Mobile devices follows corporate set policies and firewall settings
  • Mobile devices automatically connect to corporate network
  • Mobile device such as cell or tablet can print to network printers
  • Enhanced user experience without VPN client

Multi Level Protection

Designed to sit between your LAN and the Internet cloud, the NetFortris MLP utilizes the deployment of the FortiGate-50B appliance which offers complete security, high performance and dynamic failover. You may choose to provide your own VPN broadband connection for each site or we can provide the connection in the event the private connection was to fail.

Connectivity is business-critical for multi-location enterprises. NetFortris MLP Protection services keep your business online.

How it works.

  • Secure
  • High-performance
  • Dynamic failover
  • Business continuity in the event of a failure of a private connection
The NetFortris Multi-Level Protection (MLP) solution ensures connectivity with high availability and dynamic failover protection for organizations with multiple offices.

How it works.

NetFortris MLP delivers a comprehensive redundant solution. If the primary connection fails in any of the remote sites, MLP automatically routes traffic sequentially to one of the three VPN paths located in our geographically dispersed POPs. The fourth VPN path utilizes an independent connection that will route traffic directly from the Internet to your corporate headquarters. With four paths of failover protection, remote users will stay connected in the event of a network outage.

Network Resiliency

NetFortris Network Resiliency offers you peace of mind and business continuity by automatically routing your business data traffic to another connection if your primary line fails. When you require real-time business operations, it is imperative that they remain up and running 24×7 – even in times of disaster. With NetFortris Network Resiliency, we provide your business with the redundancy necessary to ensure full time access to mission critical applications, resources and customers. Network Resiliency is the key to success for any business.

The Real Benefits of NetFortris Network Resiliency are:

  • Rotection against unexpected network disruptions
  • Increased network uptime and availability
  • Automatic and seamless failover anf failback to backup connection
  • Flexible backup options to meet your business needs

How it works.

NetFortris provides several backup options, depending on the needs of your business: Wireless Backup – High performance internet access automatically routes to the 4G network for uninterrupted business operations. This resilient, cost-effective option is ideal for businesses with highly distributed locations and primarily uses Internet for critical application traffic and point-of-sale transactions. DSL Backup – Ensure continuous communication and network uptime with high speed DSL Backup. With download speed up to 6 Mbps, this redundant link to the Internet insures a business from downtime and loss of revenues and employee productivity. Analog Backup – Automatically reroute your data traffic to a dedicated analog landline. This backup option acts as an insurance against loss of Internet connectivity.

Bi-Directional Failover

NetFortris Bi-Directional Failover is a great alternative for businesses with traditional circuit failover designs. With traditional circuit backup, companies often pay high costs for inactive circuits. With Bi-Directional Failover, both circuits are utilized to support business infrastructure communication needs. If one of the circuits were to go down, NetFortris intelligently routes traffic to the remaining circuit. Bi-Directional Failover is a great option for businesses who require circuit and cost efficiency, while protecting the needs of your critical applications.

Take advantage of Bi-Directional Failover to:

  • Ensure availability
  • Control costs
  • Maximize the use of bandwidth for optimal load balancing between circuits

How it works.

The NetFortris Bi-Directional Failover consists of two active circuits, each circuit running/supporting specific traffic or applications as the primary. If one circuit loses connectivity, traffic from the down circuit will automatically route to the remaining circuit, providing continuous business operation. Our intelligent routing schema can prioritize traffic on the remaining circuit, to ensure support for your business critical applications. For example, if voice traffic is more important than streaming video, then all voice traffic will be prioritized while video traffic is throttled down. When your second circuit is restored, data traffic will resume to their original paths.

Our customizable security solutions make a sound business communications strategy even more secure.